U.S. government required disclaimer - Trading in commodity futures, options, and commission futures come with massive risk, and there aren’t any guaranteed profits. If you want to invest in futures and options, then you must be aware of the underlying potential risk factors associated with it. As an investor or trader of futures and options, you should understand that this market niche has a higher susceptibility to the risks and the chances of earning profit are the same as that of incurring the loss. Thus, you need to take responsibility for both aspects, whether you earn a profit or suffer loss. However, this disclaimer, by any means, is not a call or an invitation to indulge in buying and selling options and futures. We advise you to think twice before investing your savings in any options or futures as it can cause severe financial implications for you in terms of potential losses.

Do not deal with any type of future or options trading if you are afraid to lose and aren’t in the state of bearing the massive loss. There is no delineation about the benefits or losses of any account to be similar to those reviewed and presented on this website in the past. 

CFTC rule 4.41_ The limitations of executing simulated trading under a controlled environment shouldn’t be overlooked. Hypothetical data is used merely to replicate results in unrealistic situations by controlling various factors and does not show the actual trading contrasting to actual performance. Keeping in mind the fact that results aren’t accomplished under realistic environments or conditions, there are chances of over and under-compensation due to the impacts of varying factors like lack of liquidity, unavailability of immense competition, etc. Simulated trading programs are possibly designed with speculative benefits and are set forth solely for the purpose of educating people about the trends of the real market. No depiction of suggestive information is being offered in accordance with the past performance of any account that may or may not result in higher profits or incur hefty losses. Thus, how an account will perform in the future has nothing to do with the previous performance of any similar account made available on the website. If you choose to trade in options or futures, then do it on your sole discretion.

Hypothetical trading doesn’t represent the impending losses, and the regulating factors of the real trading market aren’t discussed or taken into account either. Thus, the speculative data or hypothetical information should be just regarded as a piece of information to give you an idea of how things work, and no one should take it as financial advice or suggestion to invest in futures and options. You cannot hold us or any distributor responsible for the profits you gain or the losses you incur as we are just providing you with the relevant information you may wish to know. If you are planning to invest in any commodity, whether options or futures, then do it on your own risk.


Trading of futures and options covers a plethora of factors and any piece of information on the website including (but not limited to) educational articles, expert advisory, e-books, or expert advisory settings purchased should not be taken as a guarantee or financial advice for any type of results. No one can give a guarantee of profits on any account. Actual results may or may not lead to hefty losses, and you cannot hold us or anyone else accountable for anything.

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