Amaze Review

Oct 22, 2021 08:52 AM ET
Amaze Review

Amaze is a completely automated system that claims to be ideal for spotting and exploiting market vulnerabilities. As per the developer, Anton Kondratev, this expert advisor can work on multiple currency pairs. It executed trades with fixed SL and TP positions. The developer is based in Russia and has created two products and two signals. He is a software developer and can be reached via the Telegram channel link provided under the author profile section of the MQL5 site. For support, the messaging option on the MQL5 site is also present. The insufficient vendor details and inadequate support methods raise doubts regarding the reliability of this EA.



Fully-automated EA





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from 1:500

Trading strategy explanation

Features of Amaze EA.

The developer does not mention the strategy used by this MT5 tool. Instead, he explains that the EA constantly analyses the market and adjusts its approach accordingly. Some of the features that the developer focuses on for this ATS are:

  • Inbuilt protection is present in the EA for broker slippages, large spreads, gaps, and repeated levels.

  • It does not trade during the night and works mainly on the EURUSD pair.

  • Virtual SL, TS, fixed SL, and averaging are optional features that you can activate when needed.

  • The EA can analyze and adapt to broker delays and slippages.

  • No integrated indicators or mechanisms are used for averaging historical quotes. 

  • Only a single transaction that is either a buy or sell can be done.

As the developer provides a vague explanation of the trading approach, we are unable to assess the efficacy of the strategy. The insufficient explanation also raises a red flag for this EA.

Backtest data analysis

Backtesting results for Amaze EA.

A few backtesting results are present on the MQL5 site. One of the reports is shown above. From the strategy tester report, we can see the system had generated a total profit of $24842.22 from an initial deposit of $1000. For a total of 212 trades, the profitability was 97.64% and the profit factor was 7.58. A drawdown of 19.78% was present. Despite the high profit factor, the high drawdown indicates a risky approach that can endanger the account.

Live trading data analysis

Trading Results


Real (USD), Tickmill Live


Jul 02, 2021















A live trading result is provided on the MQL5 site for this FX EA. A screenshot of the trading stats and growth curve is shown below.

Real trading results for Amaze EA.

From the details present, we can see the system shows a growth of 23.01%. For an initial deposit of $1800, a profit of $414.13 is present over a trading period of 125 days. The maximum drawdown is 29.2% which is very high and indicates a risky approach. Profitability for the account started in July 2021 is 87.7% and the profit factor is 1.18. When compared to the backtesting report, the drawdown is higher and profits low indicating an ineffective strategy. The comparison also indicates that the high profits in the backtest are not found in real trading.

User reviews

We found 19 reviews for this FX EA on the MQL5 site with a rating of 3.94/5. Here are a few of the user reviews.

User complaining of losses with Amaze EA.

User complaining of losses being more than the wins.

From the above feedback, we can see the live results of the EA are not promising as the user has seen only losing trades so far. Another user complains of the big SLs in a single day resulting in a huge loss. The user feedback confirms our analysis that the system uses a risky approach that can put your capital at risk.


Pricing package of Amaze EA.

To purchase this EA, you need to pay $395. A rental option costing $345 for 3 months is also present. The developer provides a free demo offer. We could not find a refund policy for this EA which makes us suspect the reliability of the product.

Review summary


  • Fully automated expert advisor

  • Works on multiple currency pairs 


  • Strategy is not disclosed

  • Live trading results indicate a risky approach

  • Expensive price

Amaze claims to provide high returns with a low drawdown. Our evaluation of the features, backtesting result, and real trading performance reveal this is an unreliable EA. The high drawdown in the backtest and real trading indicates a high-risk trading approach. Further, the lack of strategy explanation and insufficient vendor info raise suspicion about the dependability of the system. The product is also overpriced without a money-back guarantee. With so many downsides we do not find this a trustworthy FX robot.

Rating: 4/10

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