Axion Crypto Cryptobot Review

Jun 17, 2022 04:38 PM ET
Axion Crypto Cryptobot Review

Axion Crypto offers you an opportunity to trade smoothly in the crypto space using its automated strategies. It comes with several packages that give you access to a variety of features to help you execute strategies of all complexity levels. Let’s analyze the bot to see if it is worth your attention. 

What is Axion Crypto?

This is a crypto trading tool that is designed to automate your trades. It runs on the cloud, so you have nothing to download or install. 

How does Axion Crypto work?

Axion provides a platform for users to trade different crypto coins like Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc., on multiple exchanges automatically. It relies on strategies like the grid and technical analysis to make profits for you. The Axion Script is also featured to help experienced traders configure sophisticated algorithms and indicators. This programming language can be utilized in setting dynamic entries, take profit targets, and stop losses. 

Who is the founder of Axion Crypto?

The founder of this trading tool is unknown. The presentation doesn’t feature info that tells us who the developers are, their mission, location, address, professional background, etc. 

Axion Crypto features

The software incorporates the below-listed features:

  • It empowers traders to create their own strategies using a builder, a code editor, or the Axion script.

  • The bot supports backtesting to enable users to test their ideas and trading theories.

  • It trades on several exchanges, including Kraken, Binance.US, Bybit, FTX, KuCoin, and Binance.

  • The system has an inbuilt market place where users can find free and paid strategies to trade with.

Deposit requirements

There’s no specific information about the amount of deposit the bot needs to have to begin trading. 

Axion Crypto fees

The devs don’t take any of your profits through fees. 

How to start with Axion Crypto

Follow these 4 quick steps to set up and start using an Axion bot:

  1. Select the subscription you feel will suit your trading needs

  2. Connect the bot to your preferred exchange

  3. Choose the strategy you want to work with from the list provided and start configuring the bot

  4. Axion will now trade automatically based on the strategy you set in step 3

Axion Crypto pricing

The bot provides four distinctive plans, namely Starter, Premium, Pro, and Ultimate. Their prices range between 15 Euros and 90 Euros. All packages feature grid bots, TA bots, Trading View Signals, manual trading, and performance and tracking portfolio. However, the number of spots and margin/futures bots you can use will depend on the package you choose.  

How beginner-friendly is Axion Crypto?

Yes, Axion is friendly to users. We have seen that you only need to follow a few steps for it to start running. It will then trade the market using an inbuilt strategy without your intervention. 

Is Axion Crypto safe and legit?

The platform is safe. It communicates with your exchange using encrypted keys. This prevents it from having direct access to your balances. 

Customer service

Traders who have questions regarding the service are instructed to send the devs a message using an online contact form or chat with them via Discord. To learn more about the bot’s configurations, we advise that you read the bot’s documentation. 

Who is Axion Crypto best for?

Axion may appeal to traders who want to engage in high-frequency trading to increase their chances of earning higher revenues in crypto. 

Axion Crypto review: pros and cons


  • Uses API keys

  • Beginner-friendly

  • No fees

  • Multiple strategies


  • Limited exchange support

  • Zero vendor transparency

  • No trading results

Axion Crypto summary

Axion uses API keys to trade on your exchanges, which ensures your funds are protected from theft. You can work with the multiple strategies offered to improve your trading outcomes in crypto. For now, Axion works with a few exchanges. This is a disadvantage. There are tools that support more than 20 exchanges, enabling their users to expand their income base. 

  • Features - 5/10
  • Ease of use - 7/10
  • Pricing - 6/10
  • Reputation - 3/10
  • Customer support - 4/10


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