Best 6 Crypto News Sites 2022

Feb 8, 2022 01:30 PM ET
Best 6 Crypto News Sites 2022

Cryptocurrency news websites play an integral role to all traders and investors in the industry. They are useful in providing up-to-date information on blockchain projects. As a result, they are essential when conducting fundamental analysis of a coin. For example, if an asset like LUNA is rising, news websites will give you a reason why that price action is happening.

In addition to up-to-date news, these platforms provide additional tools that can help you make better decisions. Some have a team of analysts who provide all types of reviews, while others have features like airdrop and event calendars. So, let us look at some of the best crypto news sites that you may consider using.


Coindesk is a prominent crypto site with over 12 million monthly visitors. It was started in 2013 by Shakil Khan and then acquired by Digital Currency Group (DGC) in 2016.  DGC is a leading firm in the digital currency space that has invested in hundreds of enterprises like Abra, BitGo, Brave, and Circle.

Coindesk is an excellent website for all the latest news in the industry. Unlike other platforms, it does not focus on producing tens of articles per day. Instead, it has well-experienced writers who cover insightful stories and breaking news and analysis. 

The fact that it is a well-funded institution means that its writers have access to most professionals in the sector. 

Coindesk monthly visitors

In addition to news, the website has other important features that you will find useful. It has a series of newsletters that deliver content in an easy-to-understand model. Additionally, it offers explainer videos, where experts talk about new terms in the fast-evolving industry. The website also offers events and research services. Indeed, its annual Consensus event is the most prominent one in the industry.


Bitcoinist is another leading cryptocurrency news site that provides well-written information on the industry. According to Similarweb, the website averages over 1 million visitors every month. Most of these users are from the United States, followed by the UK and Canada.

In addition to breaking news analysis, the platform offers other tools to its customers. For example, it has a press release center where it publishes some of the latest information from companies. Additionally, the portal offers a dashboard where you can see the prices of top coins.

Bitcoinist visitor data

Like most sites, Bitcoinist makes their money through advertisements and partnerships. Users often see native Google ads when reading articles. Further, it earns commissions after visitors start using some of the websites it promotes.


CoinTelegraph is one of the main news and analysis brands in the digital coin industry. Started in 2013 by Jay Cassano, it has become a top-visited network with over 15 million monthly users. It employs writers from around the world.

CoinTelegraph offers a diverse suite of products to its customers. Its most useful product is the news portal, where writers come up with breaking news in the industry. Because of its relationships with agencies, the company is able to deliver fresh news to its millions of users.

CT also provides deep analytical articles, in which its writers seek to understand why a coin’s price declined and where they expect it to go. 

CoinTelegraph also has an online magazine where writers go beyond the latest news and analysis. Other services you will find on the website are podcasts, explainers, and other consulting services. 

CoinTelegraph users

It makes money in four main ways. First, it offers native advertisements using Google Adsense. Second, it has a consulting business where it provides industry reports. Further, it has a subscription package that costs $99 a month or $990 a year and an online store that sells products like t-shirts and hoodies.


Cryptonews is a fast-growing website that has a team of dedicated writers who cover all types of stories in the industry. Its articles are usually short and go an extra mile to explain what is happening in the cryptocurrency industry. 

The portal has almost 1 million monthly users, mostly from the US and France. There are other products that you will find in Cryptonews. It has a podcast in which its professionals discuss the latest issues in the industry. 

cryptonews traffic

There is a section dedicated to long-form feature articles and another one on guides. For example, the site has a page on Bitcoin that answers the most popular questions about the coin.

Cryptonews makes income through adverts and referrals.


CoinPricePredict is one of the fastest-growing crypto sites in the industry. It has an ever-evolving suite of tools that traders and investors will find useful in their analysis.

As its name suggests, it has a portal where users can provide their personal predictions on cryptocurrencies. Using this crowdsourced information, traders can make decisions on whether to buy or short.

Additionally, the website has an experienced team of writers and analysts who conduct fundamental, technical, and price action analyses and make predictions on large and small coins.

The website has other products. If you are looking for a broker or exchange, it has a page where you can read in-depth reviews on the top companies. On the other hand, if you want to find educational content, you will find it on CoinPricePredict.


Cryptopanic is a bit different from the other sites we have looked at. It does not offer its own in-house news or analysis. Instead, the platform is an aggregator, where you will find news and analysis about the industry. Think of it like the Drudge Report of digital coins. Therefore, it is a good place for you to start your day. 

Cryptopanic data

In addition to news, the portal offers other services like crypto polls, video content, and a portfolio tracker. It has an excess of 3.2 million visitors per month.


News sites play an integral role for both investors and traders. The same applies to people in the crypto industry. In this article, we have looked at some of the most popular sites you should consider using as a crypto trader.

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