Best Managed Forex Accounts

Mar 11, 2020 02:44 PM ET
  • A managed Forex account is an opportunity to receive passive income without personal control of assets.
Best Managed Forex Accounts

People who want to invest in highly liquid and potentially promising foreign currency funds sometimes resort to FOREX managed accounts. It avoids the time-consuming task of training: indicators, schedules, timelines, and other technical details that you need to know to achieve investment success.

Best Managed Forex Accounts

Forex Managed Accounts are accounts managed by professional traders. These accounts are paid or financed by private investors. As a rule, these accounts allow you to get more significant financial results than those accounts that are directly moved by inexperienced investors on their own.

The Best Forex Brokers with Managed Accounts


TechBerry is an automated social trading analytical platform that is available in the market since 2015. Traders can access real-time trade monitoring to check the current profitability and live results. The platform has a trade loss reimbursement option available and is partnered with verified forex brokers. It works on a neural strategy that it creates using its deep learning algorithm after collecting data from 100k+ MT 4/5 accounts. 

TechBery has a global presence with its offices situated worldwide. Subscribers can access multiple subscription plans that are available for the bot. The best is the Infinite membership which costs a $499 annual subscription fee and has 100% loss reimbursement, whereas the green membership charges $19 yearly and comes with 50% loss insurance. Members with the silver plan or above can access real-time trade monitoring.

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IC Markets

IC Markets

IC Markets is a brokerage company that provides the opportunity for personal trading and the use of managed Forex accounts. Here you can count on automatic trading systems that control transactions and use various financial strategies. Here you can rely on a large number of transactions and the ability to adjust all financial strategies accurately. Thanks to the combined real managers and automated trading systems, you can choose the most convenient format for cooperation.

The company has an available site and the ability to use a demo account to test various trading strategies. IC Markets has a convenient trading interface that allows you to manage your assets and choose the most appropriate plan at the moment. It will enable you to reduce risks and get all the new benefits from managed trading.



FxPro is a company that has been engaged in algorithmic trading recently. Since 2013, this Forex broker has developed its algorithm that provides the possibility of robotic trading. Users can create their robots or use ready-made company solutions for using managed Forex accounts. It will increase the accuracy of trade and reduce the risks that arise due to the human factor. The company provides many assets and a minimal environment. In general, this is a good option for real traders who want to configure various trading conditions independently.

If you want a completely independent trading format, then you need to look for options with managed Forex accounts. Despite the complexity of beginners, this platform is excellent for stable investment and development. Here you can learn all the nuances of trading and get the best opportunities to use a managed Forex account.

CMC Markets

CMC Markets

CMC Markets is a CFD broker that offers the ability to use managed Forex accounts. Here you can find three different trading accounts and the ability to trade with thousands of trading instruments. The main advantage of this company is the regulation of the London Stock Exchange and the difference in multilevel trading. Analytical system mixed with managed accounts and robotic trading.

The only caveat is the difficulty for beginners. If you are learning the basics of trading, then it won't be straightforward for you to understand the software tools and assets of this company. Here you can get basic knowledge and the ability to use managed Forex accounts for future investment. Every beginner can start with a demo account and test various strategies for future financial investments.

Alpari International

Alpari International

Alpari International is the largest international broker that offers its clients various trading strategies, copy trading, and PAMM accounts. Here you can start your investment career and trade with leading traders. Create your Live account or Use a demo account to train. In general, the company offers managed Forex accounts as an option for stable money-making. Choosing a reliable manager, you can count on steady profits and a monthly increase in your deposit.

It is worth noting that you can observe the statistics of the most successful managers and choose the very specialist who meets all your needs. The company provides analytical information and training materials that will help you select favor of a particular investment method. In any case, managed Forex accounts will allow you to earn and gain the necessary experience before personal professional trading.



FXTM is a company that provides the opportunity to trade in the Forex market using managed Forex accounts. Here you can count on the services of popular managers and comfortable trading conditions. Choose any of the current trading tools and go through online training. Regular promotions will allow you to choose the most effective managing manager to get a stable investment.

In general, this is an innovative site that provides many bonuses and various features for beginners in the Forex market. It is worth noting that you can choose an experienced manager who will allow you to increase the money in your account for subsequent personal trading. Regular newsletters and tips for beginners will help you take the First Steps in the investment world and gain a basic understanding of various trading strategies. is one of the largest trading platforms that provides you with a managed Forex account and personal trading opportunity. Here you can buy stocks, trade cryptocurrencies, and collect an investment portfolio of dozens of assets. In addition to training courses, you get the opportunity to trade various valuable assets and improve your skills. A convenient terminal and the ability to control any transactions will allow you to fine-tune all trading strategies before investing.

Well, you can choose a reliable Forex manager and create an investment portfolio based on your preferences. Gather all the necessary assets in one place to receive stable investments and diversify risks. It is worth noting that the platform is continually evolving and offers new conditions for cooperation for beginners and experienced investors.



Pepperstone is an Australian broker offering comfortable conditions for online trading. Each user can create their account and trade in modern markets. The platform distinguished by the most suitable conditions for trading, minimal delays, and round-the-clock technical support. Here you can use managed Forex accounts and access training material. Cryptocurrency, currency pairs, and valuable assets will help you increase your capital and get a stable investment.

A modern trading platform with the ability to analyze the market allows you to track the slightest fluctuations in currency pairs and enter into profitable transactions. Managed accounts will succeed in choosing the right manager. Here you can choose any format for cooperation with traders and get a stable profit.

What’s a Managed Forex Account?

Managed Forex account is a service that allows you to delegate your responsibilities to a professional trader and part-time manager. The main difference in personal training is the ability to receive seed investments. You transfer all your assets to manage, And your manager disposes of them at his discretion to bring you income. As a rule, managers take from 20 to 40% of the profit from your account. There are personal and collective accounts. in the first case, the manager manages your account without connecting investments from other traders. Aggregate accounts include a single pool where the money of various investors is concentrated.

Types of accounts

You can choose between robot-accounts and human-managed accounts. The robotic account is also known as an automated account, is a computer program developed by experienced professionals in the foreign exchange market. It was created to simplify the investment process for individual clients. The program takes into account all available statistics and indicators. The Forex robot trades are based on incoming signals. The program is alien to human emotions, which can lead to financial losses. Most transactions that are closed by the robot are generally safe.

Trader Managed Account

Trader Managed Account. In this type of managed account, an individual investor is provided with the services of an experienced Forex trader. In some respects, an employee may be taller than a robot simply because the same professional Forex traders develop programs. The trading style of a robot often takes the form of a developer style and trading preferences. Instinctive decision-making is also characteristic of this type of account since a person controls it; there is always the possibility of miscalculations. However, the risk is relatively low: professional traders learn to be less emotional.

Can I lose money in a managed Forex account?

The risk of losing money exists in any business. There is certainly a chance of losing money from the consequences of a failed investment or precise jumps in the market. Nevertheless, a professional trader or machine algorithm is much more reliable than a novice trader. If you are sending responsibilities for managing a Forex account to a person, you have less risk. This type of investment is a priority because you reduce cutting to the minimum value. In any case, you should choose a reliable Forex manager or company providing such services.

Choosing the right company

Managed Forex accounts are a great option to reduce risks and enter the Forex market for beginners and experienced traders. Using the services of a personal manager or a robotic account, you get the opportunity to accumulate stable investments and dividends. Use Modern technology in the form of Forex robots and customize your strategies for daily profit. With the right investment and choosing the most comfortable companies for you, you can increase your income and get the most successful result.

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