Big Expert Review

Apr 23, 2021 08:32 AM ET
Big Expert Review

Big Expert




$245, subscription for $95 monthly



Compatible Platforms

MT4 or MT5

Currency Pairs



From M15 to D1 time frames

Recommended Min. Deposit


Recommended Deposit



1:40 or higher

Trade length



Big Expert Characteristics

Big Expert is a just-released trading solution that was published on March 6, 2021 by Renate Gerlinde. The last V1.9 was updated on April 2, 2021. For over than one month, the robot was downloaded 2013 times for demo purposes. 

Trading Strategy Explanation

The robot has got a renewed presentation. First, the price was decreased by $100 because no one wanted to buy it without trading results. The information about the system received better structure. Anyway, there are just several lines about the system written:

  • Big Expert EA can run the charts automatically without a need for us to do something.

  • The system can execute deals only on the EUR/USD currency pair.

  • The developer insisted that the expert advisor doesn’t use Grid, Martingale, Hedge, or High-Risk trading.

  • All deals are covered with Stop Loss and Take Profit levels.

  • The strategy behind the robot was tested on the eleven-year tick data.

  • The robot can work on the time frame from M15 to H4.

  • We can try to use it even on the D1 time frame.

  • The minimum deposit should be $200 or higher.

  • The system is free for any broker.

  • Lot Size can be calculated from 1.5% or higher.

  • We can use manual risk as well.

  • The system can trade without Take Profit and Stop Loss levels. 

  • Open orders can be marked by a unique magic number.

  • We can use time filters to avoid opening trades during determined hours.

  • The robot uses “dozens of different personal indicators.”

  • The system makes “complex mathematical calculations to examine the Forex network.”

  • The robot was tested on 20 major brokers. The developer didn’t provide info about which ones.

  • It follows FIFO rules in trading.

  • The leverage can start from 1:40.

Big Expert. There’s a list of settings with the default data.

  • There’s a list of settings with the default data.

Backtest Data Analysis

Big Expert Backtest Data Analysis

There are five backtests published. It’s a report on the M30 time frame. The historical quality was 96%. There are no mentions of how much was deposited. The total net profit was $39,285,502. The maximal drawdown was 1.27% ($215,600). The profit factor was 2.36, when the Recovery Factor was 171.85. The system has closed 3705 trades with a 71% win rate for Short (1684 deals) and 69% for Long (2021 deals) trading positions. 

Live Trading Data Analysis

We have no trading results shared. It’s a significant con because we have no idea if these backtests even close match real account activities. If the developer started selling the system but didn’t start at least a demo account, then, most likely, the robot is a scam. 

The company

Big Expert. The developer is from Germany.

The developer is from Germany. The profile has a 3121 rate with four products on the board. There are 193 friends connected.

Big Expert. As we can see, the products have mediocre rates.

As we can see, the products have mediocre rates.


Big Expert Pricing

The robot’s price was decreased from $345 to $245 for a copy. The rental pricing was also decreased from $150 to $95 for a month. There’s a free demo version available to check the settings on the terminal and execute some backtests if needed.

Review Summary



  • Settings explanations provided
  • No strategy explanations provided
  • Backtest reports provided
  • No money-management advice given 
  • Affordable subscription 
  • No demo or real account trading results shared
  • No money-back-guarantee provided
  • Trading on the D1 chart requires much more margin than the developer mentioned


Big Expert didn’t look like a trading solution to take a gaze at. The developer doesn’t convince us to work with it because he didn’t convince himself to create a real account, deposit it at at least $1000, and start making money. If he is afraid to do what common sense tells, he probably knows something about the system.

Rating: 2/10

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