Bonanza EA Review

Oct 18, 2021 09:04 AM ET
Bonanza EA Review

Bonanza EA is an advisor for working on Forex. The system was developed by Elizaveta Erokhina several months ago in August 2021. The available version has been 1.50 since September 21, 2021.

Bonanza EA


Expert Advisor


$700, $750, $1000


Price Action

Compatible Platforms

MT 4

Currency Pairs




Recommended Min. Deposit


Recommended Deposit




Trade length

5 hours

Trading strategy explanation

The presentation includes details about the system, its settings, details, and other data. 

  • The advisor works completely automatically on the terminal for us. 

  • We may do what we want, not sitting in front of a PC. 

  • We can work with a Gold cross pair because it was optimized for it. 

  • “The EA uses complicated filtering techniques to search for the accurate entry and exit points.”

  • The system focuses on long-term trading. 

  • There’s a price action algorithm behind the system. 

  • We may start trading with previous experience. 

  • The advisor doesn’t use Grid or Martingale risky strategies. 

  • It covers all orders with SL and TP levels. 

  • The robot costs $1000. 

  • The main time frame to trade is H1. 

  • The devs recommend us to have on an account $300. 

  • We have to work on any ECN broker. 

  • The system isn’t sensitive to broker conditions. 

  • We can install it easily. 

Backtest data analysis

Backtest report.

The robot was tested on the data from 2005 to 2021 on Gold. The chart looks smooth but without a final table, we can’t be sure that the chart is real and connected in any way to this robot. The final report would tell us about the accuracy, final profit. 

Live trading data analysis

Trading results

Myfxbook Account

Demo (USD), IC Markets


August 14, 2021















Trading results of Bonanza EA.

The robot has been running a demo account on IC Markets automatically with 1:500 leverage for 14 weeks. The maximum drawdown was 19%. The deposit load is less than average - 7%. It works with a 100% win rate. The initial deposit was $1,000. The absolute growth is 76.96%. 

Trading statistics.

The robot trades with a frequency of 13 orders weekly. An average trade length is five hours. 

Growth chart.

The profitability varies from a month to a month. 

Trading details.

The robot traded 88 orders with 100% of accuracy. The best trade is $14.20. An average monthly profit is 26.57%. 

The company

Traders testimonials.

We don’t know if these comments are real: both positive and negative. The advisor has 350 pips Stop Losses to win 9 pips. It’s such a risky deal. 

The dev’s profile.

Elizaveta Erokhina is from Russia and has a 795 rating. Her products have a 4.4 rate based on 11 testimonials. 


Pricing details.

The robot costs insane money - $1000. The rental options are available for $700 for a month and for $750 for three months. We can download it for demo usage like backtesting and checking settings. 

Review summary



  • Trading results provided
  • No risk advice given 
  • There’s a 100% win rate so fare
  • No settings explanations provided 
  • No backtest reports shared
  • The system uses insanely deep Stop Loss levels
  • One loss should be recovered for several months or so
  • No refund policy provided

Bonanza EA is a system that focuses on trading Gold. We have no backtest reports provided. The presentation has trading results where the robot has lost no orders. Clients who downloaded the system mention that a single loss will become a huge problem for the system. It’s such a risky investment solution. 

Rating: 4/10

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