Cosmonaut FX EA Review

May 30, 2022 09:01 AM ET
Cosmonaut FX EA Review

Cosmonaut FX EA is a fully automated expert advisor that comes with an order protection feature. The sellers claim that this robot has a minimum drawdown and does not use harmful martingale strategy. The vendors offer a money-back guarantee within a period of 14 days that is in accordance with the EU standards (DIRECTIVE 199944EC and DIRECTIVE 201183EU).  We will delve deeper into more details about this product below to help traders make a better decision. So keep on reading.  



Fully-automated EA


299 Euro (Optimal), 249 Euro (Economy)



Compatible Platforms

MT4, MT5

Currency Pairs




Recommended Min. Deposit


Recommended Deposit




Trading strategy explanation

Cosmonaut FX EA robot scans the price channels and finds out when the price deviates from its average value as much. Then it chooses the most beneficial conditions for opening a trade. It can trade across 12 currency pairs and uses a smart money management system to maintain the value of drawdown. There is no martingale involved.


The robot has the following features:

  • Works across 12 currency pairs

  • It is 100% fully automated

  • The algorithm comes with a smart money management feature

  • Easy to use 

  • Unlimited licenses with the purchase

Backtest data analysis

Backtesting records have been shared as downloadable zipped files on the website. We inspected backtests for the USDCHF currency pair which was generated for the M5 timeframe and covered 2012-2022. These stats had a modeling quality of 99%. Spread stood at 10 points, which is average. 

The relative drawdown value was reported as 31.67%, showing that the system can lose nearly half of the balance while trading. An initial deposit of 5000.00 USD was converted into a total net profit of 1096113.71. The profit factor was 2.81, with an expected payoff of 1252.70. Total trades were written as 875, out of which 12.46% were lost. 

Backtests of the robot from the website.

Live trading data analysis

A screenshot of what appears to be live trading results has been shared on the robot's website. These stats track the bot's performance from January 05, 2010, until March 22, 2022. However, we cannot know whether a trusted authority like Myfxbook verifies them. This decreases their reliability. 

From there, it can be seen that monthly growth was 6.35%. The drawdown value stood at 21.96%, which is slightly above the industry thresholds considered safe. An initial deposit of 1000 USD was converted into a profit valued at 9,469,411.43 USD. Because of the lack of information, we cannot know about other key metrics like the profit factor, average holding time, recovery factor, spread value, and the percentage distributions among loss and win trades. 

Screenshot of live trade results from the website.

Trading Results

Myfxbook Account



Jan 05, 2010















Review summary



  • Provides backtests and live results
  • Has a high DD in backtests
  • No clear information on the strategy
  • The seller does not provide contact information 

Cosmonaut FX EA is not very clear on the strategic logic as it does not explain the game plan properly. The seller also fails to provide valid contact information like a company address, telephone number, or a registered email. Furthermore, we also could not locate any past customer feedback about this EA on trusted third-party sites like Forex Peace Army and Trust Pilot. This makes us blind to know what other customers are saying about this system. The observation of high drawdown in the backtests also points towards subpar performance.

Rating: 4/10

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