ExtremeForex Review

Jun 14, 2022 08:30 AM ET
ExtremeForex Review

ExtremeForex is an FX EA that claims to grow your income with its profit-making algorithm. It is a completely automated system that uses volume scalping. It works mainly on the XAUUSD pair. As per the vendor, this is a scalping robot that uses smart entries and exits along with sophisticated filtering methods to find safe and profitable entries. 

We could not find info on the vendor as the official site does not reveal details such as the founding year, team members, location, work experience of members, and more.



Fully-automated EA


$99 per month (25% profit sharing)


Volume scalper

Compatible Platforms


Currency Pairs




Recommended Min. Deposit


Recommended Deposit




Trading strategy explanation

The system uses a smart scalping approach wherein it uses entry and exit algorithms with advanced filters for identifying the safe entry points. It executes three transactions for calculating the entries and exits allowing for a diversified approach. The ATS uses ADR for TP and SL. A return rewarding profit method with set targets is used for the design and it concentrates on providing long-term stable growth.  

Some of the main features of the system that make it competitive are:

  • It does not use hedge or grid methods for trading but uses TP and SL for every trade.

  • A timeframe of 15 is recommended for the EA.

  • It is a single XAUUSD chart set up.

  • There are solid backtesting and real trading results.

  • The FX EA can detect GMT automatically.

  • It uses a self-diagnostic system.

  • The FX robot is not sensitive to slippage, spread, and other variables set by the broker. 

  • You need to run the system on VPS.

Backtest data analysis

No backtests are present for the system. The absence of backtesting results makes it difficult to analyze the strategy used by the robot. Although backtests use historical data, they provide a better insight into the system. Traders prefer to look at the backtesting reports to understand the strategy and assess its efficacy.

Live Trading Data Analysis

Trading Results

Myfxbook Account

Real (USCCent), Alpari INT


June 01, 2022


USC 5,000


USC 5,561.50











A real USC Cent account using the Alpari INT broker and the leverage of 1:400 on the MT4 platform is shown here. 

Growth curve of ExtremeForex on the Myfxbook site.

Trading stats of ExtremeForex on the Myfxbook site.

The account verified by the myfxbook site shows a total gain of 11.23% with a daily profit of 1.34% and a monthly profit of 11.23%. For the account that started in June 2022, with a deposit of USC 5,000, a total of 51 trades have been completed with 65% profitability and a profit factor of 2.10. A drawdown of 4.37% is present. From the trading history, we can see that a lot size of 0.10 is used. The results show a low drawdown. However, the sample is too short making the results random. We cannot predict the performance based on such a small sample.


A power package costs $99 per month. It includes a minimum deposit of $50 and an expected trade volume of 120 to 150. A historical monthly profit of 80% to 90% is present. The short-term drawdown is 27%. Email support is provided.

A second package named Super Power consists of 25% profit sharing. It includes a deposit starting from $1000 with a historical monthly profit of 60 to 75% and a drawdown of 15%. Profit-sharing is based on the realized profits. An expected trade volume of 230 to 300 is assured. XAUUSD is the main trading instrument and email address is the main support feature. A 14-day money-back guarantee is present. When compared to the price of other competitor systems in the market, we find the pricing is expensive.

Customer support

As per the info that the vendor provides, the service offers full support for the expert advisor, remote support for VPS, general trading issues, and technical queries. An FAQ section is present which also helps in providing important info about the FX EA.

Review summary


  • Live verified results

  • 14-day refund


  • Small sample size

  • Expensive pricing

ExtremeForex claims to boost your income using its profit-generating algorithm. In our analysis of the features and other aspects of the EA, we find that the vendor provides only a small sample size. Due to the short term, we find the results are random and not sufficient to analyze the system. The lack of vendor transparency and expensive pricing are other shortcomings we identified in this FX EA.

Rating: 4/10

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