Falcor Forex Robot Review

Feb 15, 2021 09:34 AM ET
Falcor Forex Robot Review

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Falcor Forex Robot presentation

Falcor is another scam software designed by Forex Robot Trader. FRT is an iconic fraud company. Any of their products is profitable. All of them are featured by a totem creature and have a simple and empty presentation. We’ve described everything in our Falcor Forex Robot review. 

Trading Strategy Explanation

  • The robot works fully automatically.

  • It performs a price action strategy based on support and resistance levels.

  • The EA proceeds trades from opening to closing automatically.

  • The system finds the big trades in real-time using advanced price action methods.

  • The robot works 24/5 without a need for human intervention.

  • We can start trading using it without previous trading experience.

  • It can work with any currency pair.

  • The whole setup process takes just several minutes.

  • We can run it on the Standard, Micro, and Mini accounts.

  • The system calculates Lot Sizes automatically based on the account balance.

  • We don’t know if the strategy is effective or it’s another scam because we haven’t seen trading results verified by myfxbook or fxblue.

Backtest Data Analysis

The developers, as usual, provided no backtest reports because this system is a scam. Backtests allow us to know how the EA handles past data for many years. The stable performance on backtests brings a hope everything will be ok when the robot goes live.

Live Trading Data AnalysisFalcor Forex Robot Live Trading Data Analysis

Falcor Forex Robot Live Trading Data Analysis

On the presentation, we have some screenshots where the robot works on the M30 time frame. Without verified trading results, we can’t trust their words these deals existed. So, we don’t have any proof that these deals were performed and were profitable. It doesn’t increase a trust level to the product. 

Falcor Forex Robot Live Trading Data Analysis

Even if this report is true, it’s a demo account because there are only eight numbers in an account name.

Falcor Forex Robot backtest

The legend that looks like a backtest showed us that there’s a $12,8M balance. Of course, it’s a lie and scam. A person who runs a million accounts would never share the robot that can make profits like these. The Profit Factor was 7.96. The total net profit was 122k. The maximum drawdown was 0.01%. There were 1205 deals with 83-84% of the win-rate traded. An average consecutive wins streak was seven deals.

The company

Falcor Forex Robot helpful stats

There’s a block that explains to us that it’s a highly frequently trading robot. We have no idea how this schema was formed. There’s nothing clickable. 

Falcor Forex Robot customer reviews

The presentation includes only positive feedback. All these reviews are faceless and too short as for feedback from real customers.

Falcor Forex Robot customer reviews

There’s a page of the Forex Robot Trader on Forex Peace Army. We’re surprised that so many people tried this service because the presentation looks like a scam.

Falcor Forex Robot customer reviews

There is an endless wall of comments like this one:

Falcor Forex Robot customer reviews

As we can see, years go, but nothing changes. The comments convinced us that our opinion that this software is a scam is true. 


Falcor Forex Robot Pricing

This “soon” has been taking place for several years.

Falcor Forex Robot Pricing

The robot costs $99 with 50% OFF. The original price was $199. The developers decided not to tell about what the package includes. There’s no refund policy as well.

Review Summary



  • Customer reviews on Forex Peace Army
  • No team revealed
  • No settings explanations provided
  • No strategy explanations provided
  • No backtest reports revealed
  • No third-party verified trading results shared
  • There are so many negative testimonials on Forex Peace Army
  • There’s no money-back-guarantee provided


Falcon Forex Robot is a scam. The presentation lacks everything we have to know about the robot to make a wise decision. We don’t have settings and strategy explanations, backtest reports, trading results, money-management advice, VPS or ECN requirements explanations, etc. The page on Forex Peace Army proves that the robot is a scam because of many negative testimonials.

Rating: 3/10

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