Forex InControl EA Review

Feb 24, 2020 02:36 PM ET
Forex InControl EA Review

Forex InControl is a Forex Expert Advisor, designed to work either in a combination with another Expert Advisor or as a single system. Unlike other EAs which have a tendency to open orders all the time, this EA waits for the perfect time to enter the market. One of the reasons that it avoids getting big drawdowns is the ability to trade with multiple EAs on a single account simultaneously. The latest version Forex InControl Reborn is actually an improved, upgraded version of the original Forex InControl Robot. 

Forex InControl EA Review

The website is a well-designed and well maintained one, with a single page presentation providing all relevant details of the Expert Advisor in question. The webpage gives a list of some of the most important features that this EA provides, along with screenshots from backtesting results on both the AUD/USD and EUR/GBP pairs for all the modes. However, since no clear mention of the developer can be found, anywhere on the site, this can appear as a red flag to many. 

It provides two modes, the basic mode without an accelerator mode and one, with the accelerator mode, priced at $220 and $270 respectively.



Fully-automated EA


Regular Version: $220
Upgraded Version: $270



Compatible Platforms

MT4, MT5

Currency Pairs




Recommended Min. Deposit


Recommended Deposit



1:400 or higher

Trading Strategy Explanation        

Many Traders look for their EAs to offer a proper explanation of the trading strategy the platform uses.  In this case, however, no detailed explanation or mention has been added by this EA. This can be a cause for concern for many.  

As far as the product goes, the EA has highlighted three reasons why it’s profitable and more reliable than its peers.

The EA takes low-risk trades because of a hard control drawdown. This prevents traders from losing more than they actually should. Another important feature is the automatic stop-loss that it provides, as well as the fact that the EA focuses on only two pairs.

Back-test Data Analysis        

An EA should always provide legitimate information on backtesting results, on some authoritative sites such as myfxbook or fxblue. In Forex InControl’s case, they have provided screenshots of 6 separate back-tests of all the available modes, with the drawdown rate highlighted.  We shall examine the back-tests for both the EUR/GBP and the AUD/USD pairs, with the accelerator mode on.

Strategy Tester Report

Strategy Tester Report Forex InControl EA

The above test results are from the AUD/USD pair with the accelerator mode on, where $10 000 was turned to $759 216 in 4 years.  The profit factor here is 5.24 with a minimum deposit of $10, 0000. The drawdown rate is at 12.98%.

The second test results are from the EUR/GBP pair with the accelerator mode on. This account has turned $10 000 to $113 073. With an initial deposit of $10, 0000, the profit factor is 3.53. The drawdown rate is 24.32%.

After taking a look at both the back-test results, it is quite clear that both of these graphs depict a beautiful asset curve, something which all traders want to see. However, EAs that use grid or martingale strategies tend to produce similar graphs. The fact that the website also does not clearly explain its trading strategy can be a cause for concern and a definite red flag.

Live Trading Data Analysis   

Trading Results

Myfxbook Account

Real (USD), FXOpen


Feb12, 2018
















Forex InControl EA also provides a screenshot and a direct link to a real money account on myfxbook.  Here, the EA has been applied to a real USD account, with a $1000 deposit.  It was started in February 2018 and managed to grow the balance by 574.55%.

Trading results Forex InControl EA


Profit Forex InControl EA


If we look at the advanced statistics page, we will find that the EA has completed 95% trades with 2715.3 pips.  The average trade length is 8 days with the average win-rate across the trades is 73% to 79%. The profit factor is 4.21.

Review Summary

In spite of searching in many review sites, no comprehensive or real review was found from any existing customer.


  • Profitability is High
  • Records of over 500 days of trading using a real account
  • Cheaper than alternatives


  • No detailed explanation about trading strategy added
  • Might use Martingale or Grid trading without the trader knowing
  • No real reviews for this product available
  • Accelerator Mode Seems to be a very high-risk parameter
  • The reputation of the previous version is less than satisfactory


Overall, Forex InControl promises a low-risk strategy, high profitability, and strict drawdown Control. However, there are several places where this claim becomes questionable. The backtesting results, though complete, are not satisfactory and raise several questions when it comes to what trading strategy is used. Also, the fact that they have not added additional information about the developers is not a good sign. Additional transparency from the developer’s side would have been preferred.


Rating: 7/10




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