FX Profit Pips Review

Oct 1, 2021 09:49 AM ET
FX Profit Pips Review

FX Profit Pips is a provider of Live FX and commodity signals. The vendor promises accuracy of 80% to 90% that will help increase your returns considerably. All alerts are sent via daily SMS and through Whatsapp to your mobile phone directly. Money management information for FX trading is provided by the vendor including trading ideas, the FX market analysis rank on the sell/buy info related to USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, NZD, CAD, and Gold.

FX Profit Pips


Live Forex Signals


$10 to $50



Compatible Platforms


Currency Pairs

12 major pairs and 4 commodity pairs



Recommended Min. Deposit


Recommended Deposit




Trading strategy explanation

Features of FX Profit Pips.

As per the vendor, the main objective of the company is to provide maximum profits with personalized assistance. To use the signals created by the expert analysts or FX broker, the vendor recommends entering trades at a specific price and time. As the first step, a team of 6 senior FX analysts sends signals to the admin group of 12 people who send the accurate signals to the client support team, which will send them to you immediately.

The key features of this service include a team of 56 experts working in 11 major countries, an accuracy of over 90%, and accurate TP and SL. There is no mention of the strategy/strategies used by the firm. This lack of transparency raises a red flag for this company. 

Backtest data analysis

No backtests are present for the service.  However, the vendor provides info on the past performance of the company since 2016. The annual report includes the pips gains for every major pair and gold for each month of the year as shown below.

Past performance report of FX Profit Pips.

The lack of backtests is another downside that makes us suspect this is an unreliable service.

Live trading data analysis

Live FX signals of FX Profit Pips.

Live profits achieved by FX Profit Pips.

No live trading data is present on the official site. Instead, the vendor posts samples of live signals and the profits gained. The info contains details like the profit, deposit, balance, and withdrawal. We prefer trading results verified by sites like myfxbook, FXBlue, and FXStat as the sites provide more info on efficacy and performance. Details like the drawdown, lot size, profitability, profit factor, the risk to reward ratio, are present in the verified results. With the data, it is easier to know whether the approach and performance are effective or not. The absence of a proven track record raises another red flag for this company.


Pricing packages for FX Profit Pips.

Pricing plans include a starter pack that costs $10, a standard pack costing $29, a premium pack costing $49, and a pro signals pack costing $50. For the starter pack, you get to work with two major currency pairs but no commodity pairs. 

For the standard and premium packs, you get gold commodity pairs and 4-5 major pairs. Fixed TP and SL, live signals and pending orders, and signals through Whatsapp are common to all the packs. With the pro signals pack, the vendor guarantees instant results, high accuracy, minute-to-minute updates, and a personal manager. Up to 20 profitable pips are assured. All packs are valid until you reach the mentioned pips.

The vendor offers a complete refund of the payment if you find the signals are not profitable. An email address is present for refund requests. 

Customer support

For support, the vendor provides an online contact form and an email address.  A live chat feature is also present that works 24/5 and the email support works 24/7. 

Customer reviews

We could not find user reviews for this company on reputed sites like Forexpeacearmy, Trustpilot, etc. The feedback from users on such sites is unbiased and helps in getting a better insight into the service, its performance, support, and other relevant features. With the absence of user feedback, we find that this is not a popular service among traders.

Review summary



  • 90% accuracy 
  • No mention of the trading approach
  • Refund policy
  • No verified track record
  • Lack of vendor transparency

FXProfit Pips assures successful trading with its accurate signal service. Our evaluation of the company, its features, performance, and other vital aspects reveals that this is not a reliable service. The vendor does not provide info on the trading approach used which makes us suspect this is not a trustworthy site. Although the vendor provides past performance and samples of its live signals, there is no verified trading result. The absence of a proven track record further raises a red flag for this service. Vendor info is also not present. In short, the lack of transparency in the strategy, performance, and vendor info confirms our suspicion that this is a scam service you should avoid at all costs.

Rating: 4/10


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