FXHunter Review

Jul 27, 2021 08:36 AM ET
FXHunter Review

FXHunter is a trading advisor with two real accounts with verified trading results. The main claim is that “Forex Hunter EA – is a new generation grid forex robot that works using the principle “buy cheap, sell high. This is achieved by opening positions using signals of built-in indicators and, in most cases, this allows to get very accurate entries.” It’s hard to trust it blindly. 



Signal Service


$29, $69, $121, $500


Grid and Martingale 

Compatible Platforms


Currency Pairs




Recommended Min. Deposit


Recommended Deposit




Trade length

Three days

Trading Strategy Explanation

The presentation includes some information about how the system functions and is going to make profits. 

FXHunter - updates

  • The system can work automatically for us on a terminal. 

  • The developers update settings files from time to time. 

  • The system works with acceptable risks. 

  • It knows how to cut off drawdowns. 

FXHunter - PAMM service

  • We are allowed to take part in a PAMM service. 

  • We may not use VPS. 

  • The devs require us to pay commissions from winning trades. 

FXHunter - strategy

  • There's a Grid of orders strategy behind it.

  • It uses Martingale to increase lot sizes in order to recover after losses. 

  • The system groups a Grid of orders to close it with a total profit. 

  • It can skip or trade high-impact news periods. 

  • It places Buy-stop and Sell-stop orders to get in orders ASAP. 

  • The system opens the first orders at the best time. 

  • So, we can expect that it will be the best Entry Price. 

  • “New levels of the basket can be opened either with increased or with the same volume because of flexible multiplier settings.”

  • The robot requires Hedging accounts to work well. 

  • This option can be stopped if a broker doesn’t allow Hedging. 

  • The money-management system calculates available margins to avoid margin calls. 

  • We can customize drawdowns settings improving their parameters. 

  • The system knows how to trade with many currencies at once. 

Backtest Data Analysis

FXHunter Backtest

FXHunter Backtest

We have an AUDNZD report on the M5 time frame on the 2008-2016 years data. The robot worked with 99.90% modeling quality with 60 pips spreads. We can’t be sure this is not a photoshopped number. An initial deposit was $5,000. The total net profit was $27,440. The profit factor was 2.18. The maximum drawdown was 23.62%. It’s high for a backtest. The robot traded 1743 deals with a 69%-72% accuracy rate. 

Live Trading Data Analysis

Trading Results

Myfxbook Account

Real (USD), Fort Financial Services


November 08, 2017















FXHunter trading results

The system works on the real account on the Alpari. The advisor traded automatically with 1:500 leverage on the MT4. We have a verified track record. So, the data should be relevant. The account was created four years ago, on November 08, 2017. Since then, the absolute gain has become 133.16%. Five traders check the trading results. 

FXHunter advanced statistics

The advisor has executed 1303 deals with 8854 pips. An average win is 30.59 pips when an average loss is -53.67 pips. The accuracy rate for longs was 73% when for shorts 69%. An average trade length is three days. So, the robot is a swing trader. The profit factor is 2.20. 

FXHunter trading results

The advisor works with only several pairs after trying many. NZDCAD is the most traded currency pair, 503 deals. As we may note, it is not profitable -574,6 pips. EURGBP is the most profitable in pips pair - 2746.1 pips. 

FXHunter trading results

The system trades mostly the American market opening. 

FXHunter trading results

The advisor doesn’t trade much during Tuesday and Wednesday. 

FXHunter trading results

We can work with low risks to the balance. 

FXHunter trading results

We have one grid of two orders sitting until it will be profitable. 

FXHunter trading history

The developers hid trading history. 

FXHunter monthly gain

During this year, all months were profitable. 

The Company

FXHunter customer reviews

The FXHunter company created a profile on Forex Peace Army. There’s no account with trading results connected. The system mentioned a single testimonial. 

FXHunter customer reviews

As we may note, the developers didn’t send signals for weeks. 


FXHunter Pricing

The service is subscription-based. The price starts from $29 monthly. The second pack is available for $69 for three months. The half a year pack costs $132. The unlimited pack costs $500. All of them include a single real account license, support, free updates, and a 30-day refund. 

Review Summary



  • Real-account trading results
  • No team revealed 
  • No settings or money management advice given 
  • The backtest report can be photoshopped 
  • The profitability is low
  • The robot uses risky strategies like Grid and Martingale 
  • No lifetime packages are available 
  • We have concerns about refunds 


FXHunter doesn’t look like a trustworthy service. The developers use the system that makes little profits using Grid with Martingale. These strategies are risky. So, if we decide to use them, the profitability should be approximately up to 10% monthly. The service is subscription-based. The lifetime license costs insane money. A single comment on Forex Peace Army mentioned that it was impossible to get access. 


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