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FXZipper is one of the newest Forex EAs, which is based on a scalping strategy. It means that the robot earns a small number of pips from each trade. The robot does not keep orders open for a long time and usually closes them with profit. Its dev claims that the system is compatible with any broker and was designed to seek only the most profitable trades, skipping the ones that could be unprofitable.   



Fully automated  EA





Compatible Platforms

MT4, MT5

Currency Pairs




Recommended Min. Deposit

$80 for 0,01 Lot

Recommended Deposit

$400 (for most reliable trading)



The brand presentation includes a detailed product description, pricing details, live trading result verified by myfxbook.com, and a contact form to get in touch with the FXZipper team. Unfortunately, but at this point, there is no word mentioned about its developer, team, or the location of the offices for this product. 

Trading Strategy Explanation

The key features of this EA are:

  • It is compatible with almost every broker. It is a rare thing for scalping robots. Frequently scalpers use so-called ‘toxic’ patterns that are frequently blocked or unable to be used with certain brokers. This robot is friendly with any broker that uses narrow spreads. Probably, it is so because of the LOT size the EA trades (toxic scalpers usually trade 2-3 pips per deal, while FXZipper trades 3-14 pips/trade:

FXZipper Trading Strategy Explanation

  • The dev also says about a special feature of the EA:

FXZipper feature

The developer says it makes the system more stable and reliable.

  • The robot trades 8 currency pairs:

FXZipper currency pairs

  • The dev says FXZipper can earn 6-12 pips per trade ‘on average from 15 minutes to 3 hours.’

As earlier mentioned, this robot is a scalper, which means this EA does not keep orders open for a long time. The main goal of the scalping strategy is that the expert advisor always takes a small amount of profit from every trade, closing them in a short period.

  • The FXZipper package costs $345 and includes 1 lifetime license on any account, MT4 and MT5 versions of the software, user manual, free updates and full time customer support.

FXZipper price

Backtest Data Analysis 

We are provided with a screenshot of the backtesting results of FXZipper EA:

FXZipper Backtest Data Analysis

The dev provides us with 9 backtests for the FXZipper EA. It was back tested by the trading simulation on 8 currency pairs that it can work on. The dev also provided an additional backtest for the AUDCAD to demonstrate different ways of trading by the FXZipper robot.

FXZipper Backtest Data AnalysisFXZipper Backtest Data AnalysisFXZipper Backtest Data AnalysisFXZipper Backtest Data Analysis   

All the backtests were performed from 2015-2020 on the M15 timeframe with 99, 90% accuracy. Let’s analyze how the EA performed with the EURCHF currency pair:

FXZipper backtests

It is a backtest report performed on the EURCHF currency pair on the M15 timeframe. The test started on January 2, 2015, and ended on November 13, 2020. The modeling quality was 99,90% with variable pips spread. An initial deposit was $2000. The total net profit has become $125 046. The Profit Factor was 2.05. The maximum drawdown was low – 6.09%. The robot closed 891 deals with an 81,04% win rate for the BUY direction and 83,33% for the SELL one. The average win (334, 98 trades) was smaller than the average loss (-728, 96 trades).

Live Trading Data Analysis

FXZipper has a developer’s real USD  trading account attached on November 19, 2019, and deposited at $500. It is an active trading account that works with an MTrading broker on the MT4 platform.

FXZipper trading results        

For over 1 year of trading, its total gain has grown to 120, 02% with a monthly gain of 5, 61%. The robot has brought $600 of profit.

FXZipper Myfxbook  

The robot traded 691 trades and 1698 pips. Its average loss in pips is 3 times higher than an average win: -22, 90 pips vs 7, 84 pips. The average trade length is 7 hours and 35 minutes, the Profit factor is 1, 45.

FXZipper advanced statistics

This EA works on nine currency pairs: AUDCAD, AUDUSD, EURCAD, EURCHF, GBPAUD, GBPCAD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, and EURAUD. 

FXZipper trading results

The most frequently traded as well as the most profitable currency pair is EURCHF – 141 trades, $283, 65 of profit. The EURAUD currency pair shows unsatisfactory trading results probably, it is because the EA was not built to trade this currency pair.

Trading results of January 2021 do not look as impressive as the ones of the previous year:

FXZipper monthly gainFXZipper monthly gain

In January the robot brought -2,16% of loss, while in the same month in 2020, its gain equaled 10,5%.

Trading Results

Myfxbook Account

Real (USD),  MTrading


Nov 19, 2019




$ 1,101.29











Low Drawdown

The first thing that catches the eye is the drawdown level of the robot, which equals 13, 33%. It is a very low index for the robot that makes over 120% of profit in 14 months.

FXZipper Drawdown

As you can see on the screenshot above, there were no deep floating or closed drawdowns during the current trading period of the expert advisor. The peak drawdown of 13, 33% which together with 5,61% monthly gain looks like a safe and quite profitable Forex strategy.

Hidden Trading Activity Data

Oddly, but the dev decided to hide the trading activity of their EA. Hiding this critical data can only mean one thing: a concerted effort to hide information about the performance of the software.

FXZipper Hidden Trading Activity Data

Review Summary                      


  • Backtest report provided

  • Live trading result provided

  • A 30-day money-back guarantee provided


  • High pricing

  • Hidden trading activity data

  • Bad trading results in January 2021

  • Lack of vendor transparency


FXZipper is a Forex robot that uses a scalping strategy on 8 currency pairs in any timeframe. Their website presentation without user feedback looks semi professional. Moreover, we do not know who stands for this EA or what trading experience they have in the Forex market. The trading results showed that the EA is not as effective as it used to be in 2020. This year it has brought nothing, but only -3,16% of the monthly loss. We would like to see more transparency from the vendor to convince us of their reliability so that we could trust this EA and its developers. Otherwise, we are not in a position to recommend this robot.

Rating: 3/5


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