Gold Eagle Review

Jul 6, 2021 02:30 PM ET
Gold Eagle Review

Gold Eagle


Expert advisor




Trend, Price Action, Grid, and Martingale 

Compatible Platforms


Currency Pairs



H1 (?)

Recommended Min. Deposit


Recommended Deposit




Trade length

8 hours

Gold Eagle is an expert advisor that was published on the MQL5 on September 26, 2020. The system has a current version at 3.5 that was updated on April 6, 2021. It was activated five times and was demo downloaded 2479 times. 

Trading Strategy Explanation

The system doesn’t have an extended presentation, but we have some details explained:

  • The system works fully automatically for us, so no need for human interaction. 

  • There’s a quite known Trend Line Pro Indicators that help to find trading opportunities. 

  • There’s a Grid addition. 

  • The system trades only XAUUSD. 

  • The robot can execute averaging to close Grids of orders in profits. 

  • We have a mobile trading panel to manage auto trading if we need to open deals manually. 

  • There’s a DD Reduction Function that closes deals when needed. 

  • The user manual is delivered with recommended set files. 

  • We have “set aggressive or conservative trade style using the HTF and Candle filter parameters in the settings of GOLD EAgle.”

  • Before executing the backtest, we should update data from a broker. 

  • The settings files are available in the blog. 

  • We have to contact him to receive “a personal invitation.”

  • The system requires it to be run on the Hedge account. 

Gold Eagle Trading Strategy Explanation

Gold Eagle Trading Strategy Explanation

Gold Eagle Trading Strategy Explanation

Gold Eagle Trading Strategy Explanation

Gold Eagle Trading Strategy Explanation

  • The presentation includes many screenshots of how the system looks when it’s attached to the chart. 

  • We have a list of settings that we can customize. 

Backtest Data Analysis

The presentation doesn’t include backtest reports. It’s a significant disadvantage because we have no idea of what was going on and how the system handled past broker data. 

Live Trading Data Analysis

Trading Results

Myfxbook Account

Real (USDC), RoboForex


June 07, 2021


29,001 USD


34,805 USD











There’s a real USDC account ($29,001 deposit). The system runs it automatically on RoboForex. The leverage is twice higher than usual - 1:1000. The absolute growth is 19.25% for the first four weeks. The maximum drawdown is 36.9%. The maximum deposit load is 12.9%. The accuracy rate is 82.3%.

Gold Eagle trading results

The robot has been working on the account for 21 days. The latest trade was six hours ago. An average trade frequency is 39 deals a week. An average trade length is eight hours. The account was created on June 07, 2021. 

Gold Eagle trading results

As we may note, the system is quite young. The first month was closed with good profits. 

Gold Eagle drawdown

Now, the robot works almost without drawdowns. 

Gold Eagle trading results

The advisor executed a Martingale order to recover after a loss. 

Gold Eagle trading results

The system executed 215 deals. An average profitable trade is $1641.69 when an average loss is -$1467.89. The maximum win streak brought $528.86. The recovery factor is 2.25. The profit factor is 1.65. An average profit is $68.84 when an average loss is much worse -$194.23. The average monthly growth is 19.25%. MQL5 can’t predict an average annual gain. 

Gold Eagle distribution

It opens orders only on Gold. 

Gold Eagle. The robot has got some warnings from MQL5

The robot has got some warnings from MQL5, but this is common. 

The Company

Gold Eagle - developer

Evgenii Aksenov is a Forex veteran and a well-known developer among the Forex-related and MQL5 community. He has a 129,531 personal rate and a 4.8 rate of his products based on 1310 reviews. It’s an outstanding result. 

Gold Eagle customer reviews

As we may note, comments vary much because the system is new and not quite stable. 


Gold Eagle Pricing

The robot costs $199 for a lifetime real or demo account copy. The rental option was removed because it was a weekend sale. There’s a demo download option for us to execute some backtest and check settings. 

Review Summary



  • The presentation explains a strategy 
  • No risk advice provided 
  • The developer is a Forex veteran
  • No backtest reports provided 
  • Affordable pricing
  • The robot was set on the real account just over a month ago


Gold Eagle is a trading solution that is based on the Trend Line Pro Indicator. The system executes orders combining Trend, Grid, Averaging, and Martingale strategies. It’s hard to predict if the system is a viable option in the one or two-year range. 

Rating: 2/10

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