Gold VIP Signal Review

May 14, 2021 12:53 PM ET
Gold VIP Signal Review

Gold VIP Signal


PAMM service


A 40% commission for withdrawing


Grid and Trend

Compatible Platforms


Currency Pairs

Sixteen currency pairs



Recommended Min. Deposit


Recommended Deposit



n/a (1:500?)

Trade length

22 hours


Gold VIP Signal presentation

Gold VIP Signal has an unprofessional one-page presentation that looks weird. There’s nothing explained. The design looks like it was done for an hour or so. The developers are in a hurry to get access to our account to execute trades. 

Trading Strategy Explanation

There are a few details and settings explained:

  • The developers created “a strong team of 15 expert technicians with several years of experience in the financial market.” Alas, it can be a manipulation because there are no links on their profiles on FB, MQL5, or any other site provided.

  • They look for the market 24/7 to find good trade setups.

  • They use a combination of several trend-following indicators in combination with oscillators and support and resistance levels to find the entry point.

  • The strategy is designed for the H4 time frame.

  • The system doesn’t require any additional experience.

  • The trades can be instant execution or pending orders.

  • Our account will be managed by professional traders.

  • We have access to the balance all the time.

  • The minimum deposit requirements are $1000.

  • Following their trades, it’s possible to make up to 30% monthly.

  • The company provides us with a referral link to register with the proper broker.

  • The developers mentioned that the accuracy rate is 90%.

  • The real win rate is approximately 80%.

Gold VIP Signal. There is a lot size calculation

  • There is a lot size calculation. As we can see, trading on the H4 requires much margin. We can put it to better use. A $10000 account allows trading with a 1.00 Lot on the H1 time frame.

Gold VIP Signal. How can you manage your traders

  • We have to close deals manually. So, it’s not an automated trading solution.

  • The signals are provided with the next parameters Entry Point, Take Profit, and Stop Loss.

  • They don’t include commissions and swaps.

  • The signals are provided for the BUY direction only.

  • The system places 100-300 pips Take Profits for each trade.

  • There can be several Take Profit goals provided.

  • We shouldn’t risk more than 5% of the account per trade.

Backtest Data Analysis

The developers provided no backtest reports. It means that the system and trading strategies weren’t tested before they were applied.

Live Trading Data Analysis

Trading Results

Myfxbook Account

Real (USD), XM


March 02, 2021















Gold VIP Signal Myfxbook

The robot has been running a real USD account on the XM broker. It uses technical indicator data. The leverage is 1:500. The platform is MetaTrader 4. The account was created on March 02, 2021, deposited at $3,294, and withdrawn at $10,039.46. Since then, the absolute gain has become -95.23%. An average monthly gain is -75.04%. The maximum drawdown is 99.38%. The account is already blown.

Gold VIP Signal advanced statistics

The robot has traded 437 deals with 27,388 pips. An average win is 244.81 pips when an average loss is -629.83 pips. The win rate is 83% for Longs and 72% for Shorts. An average trade length is over twenty hours and twenty-four minutes. The Profit Factor is 1.45.

Gold VIP Signal trading results

The most profits were made on Gold - $6,742.37. Most likely, myfxbook hasn’t updated these results yet.

Gold VIP Signal trading results

The robot trades only during the European trading session.

Gold VIP Signal trading results

Wednesday with 128 deals is the most traded day among others.

Gold VIP Signal trading results

The robot works with insane risks to the balance. It has to lose only four deals to lose 10% of the account.

Gold VIP Signal trading results

As we can see, the last Grid of five orders was closed after reaching the Stop Out level. Anyway, the last page of trading results showed that it was not the first “call” that the system is broken.

Gold VIP Signal monthly gain

Everything ended in May 2021.

The company

There’s no company behind the service. We couldn’t find any sign of registration, social network profiles of the company or person. So, we can’t blindly trust a scam-like presentation and scam trading results.


Gold VIP Signal Pricing

The offer is a manipulation. It looks like that service belongs to the broker. Usually, companies charge some payment in advance to be sure that the client pays for the signals.

Review Summary



  • Strategy explanations provided
  • No team revealed
  • Real account trading results
  • No details about PAMM service copy-trading provided
  • The robot has blown the account
  • The weird pricing
  • No people testimonials provided


Gold VIP Signal is a service that had worked for several months and ended with blowing the account. The developers are tricky because they were in time to withdraw the main profits (over $10,000). People who followed them lost everything. Now, the service is a scam. There’s nothing to discuss. 

Rating: 3/10

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