Huckster Review

Jun 21, 2022 10:06 AM ET
Huckster Review

Huckster is a cryptocurrency trading bot available on MQL5 that focuses on EUR currency pairs. Its developers, headquartered in Warsaw, Poland, claim to have years of trading and coding experience. According to the product presentation, 95 purchases are made each month. It is available in both MT5 and MT4 versions. The developers allege that that the software is powered by Artificial Intelligence. It means the trades it makes are similar to those that a skilled human trader would make.



Fully-automated AI EA





Compatible platforms

MT4, MT5

Currency pairs



H1, H4, and Daily

Recommended min. deposit

$500 for every 0.01

Recommended deposit




Trading strategy explanation

The bot uses Artificial Intelligence to open and close trades. The developers promise that it carefully evaluates the market with the highest accuracy. It does so on three separate time frames - H1, H4, and Daily - before opening any position. The smart news filter feature monitors economic news to keep the risk down.


  • Expert Advisor with Artificial Intelligence.

  • It can be used with any broker.

  • Suitable for prop firms like FTMO, MFF etc.

  • Smart news filter provides extra security for the investment capital.

  • It employs customized trend and volume indicators.

  • Uses no risky strategies such as martingale or grid.

Backtest data analysis

The Huckster backtests results run by Raw Trading Ltd are posted on the robot’s website. The bot made a total of 2946 trades from 1st Jan 2018 to 28th May 2022. Of these, 1142 were long trades, 83.01% of which resulted in profit. The unintelligible screenshot shared by the developers is the only proof that the backtests ever happened.


Huckster backtest results

The other 1804 were short trades, and 81.60% of them resulted in profit. The profit trades were 82.15%, and the loss trades were 17.85. The maximum drawdown was 4.78%. The profit factor, on the other hand, was 2.08. The maximum drawdown is less than 5%, this means the bot reduces capital gains unnecessarily. The profit factor is above 2.0, and this means that the bot is highly profitable.

Huckster backtest results.

Live trading data analysis

There are live trading results on the Huckster of the MQL5 website. The bot made a total of 21 trades with an average holding time of 20 hours. Of these, 13 were long trades, 59.09% of which resulted in profit. The other 8 were short trades, and 40.91% of them resulted in profit. The initial deposit was $900, and it closed with a profit of $203.81. This was a 22.75% growth. The maximum drawdown was 11.7%. The profit factor, on the other hand, was 4.81.  

Huckster live trading results.

Unfortunately, after detailed research on third-party websites like Forex Peace Army, FxBlue, FxStat, or Myfxbook, we could not find any live trading performance confirmed to analyze. This is a red flag because investors can't be sure of the robot's advertised outstanding performance without this information. 

Huckster live trading results.

Trading results

Huckster account



June 06, 2022














12.25 USD

User reviews

Huckster has a customer review section. The reviews seem schemed, especially because all of them are positive. The vendor, Jakub, has replied to all reviews, but there is no way to verify that the reviews are from the users. Additionally, we could not find any user reviews on third-party websites like TrustPilot.  

Review summary



  • Employs smart news filter 
  • No money-back guarantee
  • No live/backtest results on independent websites
  • Few currency pairs

Huckster is a fully automated AI-powered EA. The vendor claims it has a great risk-reward ratio, but the profits on the short and long trades on the live results don’t quantify this. There are no live or backtest results on third-party websites. Thus, we can’t quantify the performance. Further, it only trades EUR pairs, which is a limiting factor. Its pricing is commensurate with industry standards. However, it doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee. 

Rating: 5/10.


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