Learn2Trade Review

Jan 11, 2021 04:46 PM ET
Learn2Trade Review





35, 65, 95, 250 GBP


Trend, Price Action

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Learn2Trade presentation

Learn2Trade is a multi-service platform that unites Forex, Crypto, educational materials, info about brokers, brokers reviews and rates, and many courses. The main statement tells us that this is the world’s best Forex signal provider. We also know that there are free signals in Telegram.

Trading Strategy Explanation

Their signals are generated based on the RSI indicator. It shows trends and overbought/oversold levels on each symbol.

Learn2Trade Trading Strategy Explanation

We can see Stoch, RSI, CCI indicators attached to the chart. 

Learn2Trade support and resistance levels

The system uses charting support and resistance levels to trade Pcie Action deals.

Learn2Trade Fibonacci Retracement Levels

Fibonacci Retracement Levels are checked to spot a medium or long-term trend opportunity.


Learn2Trade Bollinger Bands

Learn2Trade Moving Averages

Bollinger Bands and Moving Averages are used for Price Action trades.

The signal provider has the next features:

Learn2Trade features

  • There are premium signals pack:

    • 3-5 signals daily.

    • Signals are good for trading Forex, Indices, Commodities, and Crypto.

    • Access to the Premium Telegram channel.

    • The win-rate is up to 82%.

    • 30-40% of the expected monthly profits.

Learn2Trade features

  • Free signals have the next features:

    • The signal frequency is three messages weekly.

    • They don’t force us to share credit card information.

    • We’re free to check these signals on Live or Demo accounts

    • The signals are generated only for Forex symbols.


Learn2Trade - It’s how the signal format looks like

  • It’s how the signal format looks like. There is a currency pair, reason, direction, Entry Price, Stop Loss, and Take Profit.

  • All signals are execution orders, so they’re delivered in real-time.

  • The site is featured by the endless wall on analysis and trading ideas.

Learn2Trade article

  • The news feed is featured by many useful articles that are published every day.

  • The system can warn us about a signal via email and smartphone notifications.

Backtest Data Analysis

The company doesn’t provide backtests. Backtests help us to assess the

performance and efficacy of any service.

Live Trading Data Analysis

Trading Results

Myfxbook Account



















Learn2Trade telegram channel

Learn2Trade Telegram channel

Everything we know about the trading activity is these screenshots from the Telegram channel. Of course, it’s far from enough to be sure that these signals will work for us well.

The company

Learn2Trade Telegram channel

They have a Telegram channel with 7559 members. It includes some free signals among marketing posts, traded results, updates, analysis, and trading ideas.

Learn2Trade Telegram channel

The channel includes 368 photos and 1180 likes.

Learn2Trade customer reviews

We have many comments on the presentation that were copied from Trustpilot. Of course, all of them are positive. 

Learn2Trade rates

Learn2Trade customer reviews

There’s a profile on Learn2Trade that has 4 stars from 5 based on 121 reviews. Most of them are positive, but 20% of customers had a negative experience of using signals.

Learn2Trade customer reviews

As we can see, if the site owners don’t like comments, they can always blame people calling them bots.

Learn2Trade customer reviews

The company can’t keep clients’ data safe, or their employees sell the info to third-party companies.

Learn2Trade customer reviews

There are some comments that advertise other investing-related services.


Learn2Trade Pricing

We can get a premium package for free. We have to register an account on a LongHorn FX broker. The developers didn’t mention how much we have to deposit on it. If we’re from the UK, we have to use an Alvexo broker house. So, LongHorn FX is not that safe; that’s why it’s not allowed to work on the UK market. 

Learn2Trade premium plan

There are four prices: three subscriptions and lifetime access. The one-month pack costs 35 GBP. The three-month package costs 65 GBP. The half a year pack costs 95 GBP. The lifetime license costs 250 GBP.

Learn2Trade fees

As we can see, if we pick the 6-month plan, the service will cost $14 for us.

Review Summary



  • Well-designed and informative site
  • No strategy explanation provided
  • Free signals provided
  • No team revealed
  • Telegram channel created
  • No copy-trading is allowed
  • No backtests provided
  • No trading results provided
  • According to the number of subscribers in Telegram, the service is young
  • There are many negative testimonials from customers


Learn2Trade is a company that provides a signal among the other services. A single positive moment about the service is only that there are several free signals weekly. The developer didn’t disclose an account from which these signals are delivered. The lack of information doesn’t allow us to compare what symbols, direction, trading hours are the best to trade.

Rating: 3/10

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