Mr. Martin Review

Nov 29, 2021 09:23 AM ET
Mr. Martin Review

Mr. Martin is a Forex expert advisor designed for traders who desire quiet, investment trading over a long period of time. The purpose of our review is to find out if it has the right features and profitable algorithms that can enhance a trader's investment portfolio. 

Mr. Martin is the work of Vasiliy Kolesov, a developer based in Russia. His profile is scanty, though. The only other available info is that he has created several trading systems. Some include EA Monolith, Yellow Mouse Scalping, CloseProfit, etc. 

Mr. Martin


Fully-automated EA





Compatible platforms


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Recommended Min. Deposit


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Trading strategy explanation

The developer says that his EA is designed to focus on the principles of averaging unprofitable positions. The grid is included in the algorithm as well. We believe that traders who have been in this market for a while are not oblivious to the risks this technique carries. Some have even lost substantial capital by relying on it. 

Vasiliy explains that several features are integrated into the system to protect your investment. These include a unique input system, special filters, and a deposit protection system. Mr. Martin also works on hedge accounts. Traders are warned that the robot will not work correctly on “netting” accounts.

Backtest data analysis

The backtest results are available, but the data is reported in Russian. See how we have analyzed and interpreted the stats below:

Backtest report.

This is a 4 year backtest conducted using the EURUSD currency pair on the M15 timeframe. An initial deposit of $750 was used to implement 689 orders, and the end result was a net profit of $5919.49 and a maximal drawdown of 11.27%. The success rates for both short (74.43%) and long (73.29%) trades were average and disappointing. 

Live trading data analysis

Trading results

Myfxbook Account

Demo (USD), RoboForex


February 11, 2019















Live trading results.

Trading history.

As per the images above, the EA is operating a demo USD account on Myfxbook. It has been making 4.83% profits monthly. So far, there are 499 trades with win rates of 65% for the long positions and 75% for short ones. The profit factor is 2.4, whereas the drawdown is 26.26%. On average, trades are held for a day.

The system used risky strategies as evidenced by the huge lot sizes and several grids of orders placed. The aftermath was numerous losses. This is not good for the account. 

User reviews

The EA has several customer reviews on mql5 and not on trusted third-party sites like Trustpilot and FPA. All the testimonials are positive, but we suspect that the vendor has been deleting negative comments. Therefore, we cannot rely on the available ones because they are prejudiced. 

Client reviews.

Review summary


  • Backtest results are present


  • Vendor transparency is wanting

  • Untrustworthy customer feedback

  • Risky trading strategy

  • Bad risk/reward ratio

Do not bet your money on a product like Mr. Martin that depends on the grid approach. There are high chances that you will lose all your money after a while. Another reason not to invest is because the EA lacks reliable feedback. So, it’s really not clear if it produces profits. Lastly, you cannot get far with a tool that keeps on losing than winning. It will frustrate you sooner rather than later. 

Rating: 3/10

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