Neuro FX Robot Review

Dec 21, 2020 02:06 PM ET
Neuro FX Robot Review

Neuro FX Robot


Expert Advisor


$129, $149, $169



Compatible Platforms


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Recommended Min. Deposit


Recommended Deposit




Trade length

Seven hours


Neuro FX Robot presentation

We’ve prepared a review about Neuro FX Robot. It was introduced as an EA that has everything we need to make money on the MetaTrader 4 platform.

Trading Strategy Explanation

Neuro FX Robot Trading Strategy Explanation

Let’s talk about strategy, settings, and other useful intel:

  • The robot trades automatically on the MetaTrader 4 platform.

  • It runs a low drawdown high reward strategy.

  • We don’t have to have a huge account balance to run the EA.

  • We don’t need to have previous trading experience.

  • It opens and closes trades automatically.

  • It doesn’t use Martingale as a trading strategy.

  • It cuts losing trades asap and allows profitable trades to go all the way.

  • The system calculates Lot Sizes automatically based on the account balance.

  • It works with 4 and 5-digit brokers.

  • It works on the ECN account well.

  • It supports all account sizes: Standard, Micro, and Mini.

  • We can configure many settings as we want.

  • The unbuilt magic number allows knowing what trades belong to the EA.

  • It works only with GBP/USD.

  • The robot trades on the H1 time frame.

  • The minimum deposit should be $100 for a 0.01 Lot.

  • $200 is the optimal deposit for the 0.01 Lot.

Backtest Data Analysis

Neuro FX Robot Backtest Data Analysis

There’s no full backtest report. We’ve got only the table part of it. An initial deposit was $500. It has become $580k of the total net profit. The spreads were 20 pips. There was an 8.82 Profit Factor. A maximum drawdown was 8.1%. The EA performed 997 trades with 92%-95% of the win-rate. The win-streak was 20 deals.

Live Trading Data Analysis

Trading Results

Myfxbook Account

Real (CNH)


March 3, 2020


148 CNH


373 CNH












Neuro FX Robot Live Trading Data Analysis

We’ve got a real CNH account. It’s a weird currency choice for an EU company. As we can see from the chart, trading results are unpredictable. The account was created on March 3, 2020, and deposited three times at 301 CNH.

Neuro FX Robot Live Trading Data Analysis

The total return is 60.5%. The average monthly return is +36.4%. The maximum drawdown is insane - 52.8%. The win-rate is 78.1%. The Profit Factor is 1.20. An average trade frequency is ten deals weekly. The robot is online for 45 days.

Neuro FX Robot Live Trading Data Analysis

The risk to reward ratio is 1.72. The risk of ruin is 21.2%. An average trade length is over seven hours. The average win is 8.79 CNH, while the average loss is -26.21 CNH.

Neuro FX Robot Live Trading Data Analysis

The BUY direction is traded almost five times more frequently than SELL. It provided 97.80 CNH of profits when the SELL direction brought only -25.14 CNH of losses.

Neuro FX Robot Live Trading Data Analysis

There’s only a single strategy, currency, and time frame.

Neuro FX Robot Live Trading Data Analysis

The most active trading day is Tuesday. Most profits were on Wednesday - 100.52 CNH.

Neuro FX Robot Live Trading Data Analysis

The robot trades mostly in the American trading session.

Neuro FX Robot Live Trading Data Analysis

December 2020 became a disaster for the robot’s trading results.

Neuro FX Robot Live Trading Data Analysis

As we can see, in the first three weeks, the EA traded without losses. The next three, it was consistently unprofitable. 

Neuro FX Robot Live Trading Data Analysis

From the list of closed trades, we know that SL levels are so high, compared with the average profit in pips.

The company

about Neuro FX Robot

The presentation doesn’t look quite professional. The same we can tell about support.

Neuro FX Robot support

The devs use common email and provide support only via email with questionable terms of delivering. 


Neuro FX Robot Pricing

The developers decided to create three packages: Basic, Regular, and Business. The Basic pack costs $129 and includes one real and one demo account. The Regular pack costs $149. It’s featured by two real and two demo licenses. The Business pack costs $169 and includes three real and three demo accounts. All of them have 24/5 support. The vendor didn’t provide us with a money-back guarantee.

Review Summary



  • Money-management advice provided
  • No team revealed
  • Real account trading results
  • No backtests with different risks provided
  • Bad trading results
  • Huge SL levels
  • The robot trades on a little CNH account
  • No money-back-guarantee provided
  • No people’s feedback shared



Neuro FX Robot is a robot that slowly but surely becomes a scam. The reason for this is that it couldn’t find and cut the deals that couldn’t be profitable on time. So, it kept them against the market until they were closed with -120 pips losses each. It looks like the developer doesn’t know how to fix it. The offer doesn’t include a refund policy to cover us with this purchase. Now, buying Neuro FX Robot is a huge mistake.

Rating: 3/10

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