Reaper Forex Robot Review

Nov 30, 2021 02:09 PM ET
Reaper Forex Robot Review

Reaper Forex Robot is a scam trading advisor from a well-known scam company. The presentation looks ridiculously bad and doesn't provide us with proper explanations about how the system will make money for us. Trading results are fake. 

Reaper Forex Robot


Expert Advisor





Compatible Platforms


Currency Pairs




Recommended Min. Deposit


Recommended Deposit




Trade length


Trading strategy explanation

Reaper Forex Robot screenshot of trading performance.

Reaper Forex Robot screenshot of trading activity.

  • We have some screenshots that were photoshopped about how the system could make profits if it was true. Alas, all of this is fake. 

Reaper Forex Robot features.

It was such a big challenge to gather proper intel about how the system is going to work on our account. 

  • The system was designed to help us with automatic trading on the terminal. We have to do nothing in addition. 

  • We don’t need to work with it manually. 

  • The system was “Born From A Legendary System Robotic blood lines that trace back to the most reliable manual system ever made.” Of course, it’s a scam. 

  • It will work for us 24/5. 

  • The system is “Used by thousands of traders in their forex terminals each and every day.”

  • We can work with all pairs on all time frames. 

  • It can fit all cross pairs to trade. 

  • We are allowed to start without proper previous experience. 

  • The set lasts five minutes or so.

Reaper Forex Robot details.

  • It focuses on trading breakouts. 

  • “There are hidden areas of support and resistance on every forex chart. When the price touches these areas it will often reverse. But every now and then it will break through and continue its run. Reaper calculates these hidden areas and waits for the price to break through them.”

  • There should be a trailing take profit feature.

  • If the market goes in the wrong direction, it opens an order to follow it. 

  • The advisor can be used with other systems on the same account. 

  • We can work with any account size. 

Backtest data analysis

We have no backtest reports provided at all. It’s typical for FRT and this is a huge con because we have no idea if the robot got its tests properly. 

Live trading data analysis

Reaper Forex Robot results.

We may note that this report was not received from a real account. The real one should have ten numbers in its name. 

Reaper Forex Robot results.

All of this is fake. The profit factor is 7.81, while the maximal drawdown is $440. We have a gross profit at $105,807.30. The system has executed 804 orders with 84.96% of the win rate for shorts and 81.73% for longs. The win streak is six orders. 

The company

People testimonials.

We have no information about the company’s registration. There are only some positive testimonials written. 


Reaper Forex Robot pricing details.

The robot can be purchased for as low as $79. The original price was $199. They provide us with a 60% discount. The packages don’t include a refund policy. 

Review summary



  • Affordable pricing
  • No team revealed 
  • No risk or money management advice provided 
  • No backtest reports shown
  • No trading results available 
  • Horrible reputation
  • No refund policy supported 

Reaper Forex Robot is a scam trading solution like everything FRT offers. The system doesn’t have backtest reports or trading results to convince us that the robot is real, profitable, and stable. So, we advise you to avoid this robot. 

Rating: 2/10

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