Rofx Review - Exploring the Topnotch Expert Advisor

Mar 30, 2020 03:22 PM ET
Rofx Review - Exploring the Topnotch Expert Advisor


The trends in the world of trading keep changing from time to time. In the 21st century, the latest trend in this space is the usage of Expert Advisors to achieve profitability in less time and even lesser effort. This was never the case a decade ago. It used to be a very difficult job to sustain and make profits in the financial markets. Also, it is challenging to master the skill of trading as there are many components involved in it, such as Fundamental, technical, and sentimental analysis.

Novice traders must master all of these things to sustain in the market. Having said that, experienced traders face some serious issues while trading the markets too. One crucial problem is the elimination of emotions while trading. This is the single most important reason why even proficient traders fail to make consistent profits. But what if there is one solution that eliminates all of these problems once in for all? Yes, there is a solution, and it is nothing but a well-built Expert Advisor. 

In this article, we will be exploring one such amazing EA known as Rofx

Rofx Overview

Ever since its inception in 2009, the Rofx team has been providing profitable automated trading services for its customers with the help of Rofx bot. The secret sauce of this bot is the fascinating artificial intelligence behind it. Typically, any great EA has a set of code using which automated trading takes place. But concerning Rofx, this code keeps on improving with time, thanks to its self-learning neural network. 

One more point that got us extremely excited about Rofx is the team behind this EA. Every single person in the Rofx crew is either a professional trader or developer who has years of valuable industry experience. These experts constantly work on innovative trading strategies and update the algorithms to make the bot better than what it is now.

Capabilities of Rofx EA    

Best thing about the Rofx company is that they offer A-Z management services for their users. All you have to do is to sign-up with them and sit back to enjoy the profits. The entire mechanism of trading, which involves entries, exits, and scaling, etc. are done by the Rofx bot alone. This company provides its customers with end to end account management as well. Users get to monitor the performance of the bot, and the live P/L figures are displayed on the dashboard. 

The user interface is very simple and extremely easy to navigate. Hence, we can say that this bot is for both absolute novice traders & professional traders with a great experience. For investors who have no idea of 'how trading works' can also use Rofx bot as a great tool to generate passive income. 

The USP (Unique Selling Proposition)   

We have come across many bots in the market that promise excellent results on papers. But in reality, most of them don't meet their promised figures. Such bots cannot be trusted, and there is one easy way to identify them. See if those companies are willing to cover the losses generated by their bots.

Rofx EA

At Rofx, there are hardly any chances of the bot losing the trades. Even if it does, the company makes sure to cover the losses generated by their bot. We also got to know that Rofx Company has a reserve fund to cover these losses. This explains the confidence that they have on their expert advisor and how much they care for their client's funds.  

Does Rofx accord with the law?

Legal authorities direct Rofx. The correspondence with renowned and lawful brokerage firms America, Asia, and Europe is the manifestation of its legitimateness. These brokers have the authorization to operate and are inspected by the legal officials regularly. Though Rofx operates as a software company and holds the right to provide solutions related to deep learning technology. Thus, Rofx does not require being directly regulated.

Performance Evaluation

We have been saying how amazing the performance of the Rofx bot is in the above sections. You can see this yourself by visiting the Rofx Myfxbook page. For users who aren't of the Myfxbook portal, it is an online automated analytical tool for an individual or a company's trading accounts. This platform enables users to track, analyze, and compare their trading activities. If a bot company has shared their past performance in this portal, the reliability of that company increases.   

Below we have mentioned some of the crucial statistics of the Rofx using which we can determine the quality of this bot's performance. In the below chart, we can clearly see how the profits generated by this bot have grown substantially with time. On the left side of the screen, we can observe the impressive percentage gain (379%) figures.

Rofx EA Myfxbook

In the below illustration, it is clear that the growth has been only to the upside in the past couple of years, which is amazing.  

Rofx EA Myfxbook

If you are a technical trader, you will definitely be impressed with the drawdown percentage of this bot. It is a mere 0.18% in the previous month, which is negligible. There were times where this percentage has been as low as 0.01% (June 2019).  

Rofx EA Myfxbook

Below we can see the overall statistics like the total trades taken, the profitability percentage, etc. As of today, 81% of all trades taken by this bot are profitable. An average trading robot can never achieve these kinds of figures. Also, 19% of the losing trades have been covered by the company from its reserve funds, which is commendable. 

Rofx EA advanced statistics

Rofx EA advanced statistics

Reasons that differentiate Rofx form the other typical trading bots  

Comprehensive Trading Bot - As discussed, Rofx is entirely automated, where the user doesn't even have to worry about what is happening to his/her trading account. Buying, selling, scaling, and even money management is completely taken care of by the bot. All you have to do is to set up the bot to your trading machine and have an active internet connection.

Cutting Edge Technology - Rofx AI is powered with a self-learning neural network. That is, ever since 2009, Rofx has been improving its line of code as it is continuously learning from the markets. So basically, the bot will be more intelligent than it was a few years, weeks, or even days ago. 

Certainty - Users of Rofx can be extremely certain of the amount of profits they can see at any given time. Typically, 0.38% is the average daily profit that can be generated, and the monthly profits can range from anywhere between 8-10%. Users can easily calculate their profit percentages using Rofx’s profit margin calculator

Rofx’s profit margin calculator

Well Curated Packages - In total, Rofx offers six different kinds of packages for its clients. These packages are well designed by considering traders with diverse backgrounds and experiences. You can explore and pick the package that suits your preferences here.  

Rofx EA Packages

In the accounts mentioned above, the deposits are locked in for a certain amount of time (It can be seen in the above picture). Apart from these, there are no-lock packages where there is no lock-in period for your deposits at all. However, the performance fee charged here is a bit high compared to the lock-in period packages. Below is the screenshot of all the available no-lock packages. 

Rofx EA Packages

Apart from these, there is also a VIP PAMM account service for Rofx customers. Using this service, users can open an account in their name with any broker of their choice with total control of their assets. There is no lock-in period for deposits, and funds can be withdrawn at any time. More info about this service can be found here

Trading Costs - The most basic package with Rofx has a minimum deposit of $1000, which might seem a bit of stretch. But considering the quality of service, this price is acceptable. There is no withdrawal fee charged for any of Rofx accounts and for any amount withdrawn. Users can use USD, EUR, and BTC for depositing and withdrawing their funds. We have also found that Rofx's BTC price is one of the best we have seen in the market.    

Ease of Use - The UI & UX of Rofx are pretty simple and straightforward. Users with zero experience in trading can also use Rofx services and profit with ease. Also, unlike most of the trading bots, installing Rofx doesn't involve any lengthy downloading procedures since the entire set-up and trading process happens online.     

Wide range of deposit options - Users can choose from a wide range of deposit options to fund their Rofx trading account. Some of them include bank transfer, Visa/MasterCard, Domestic ACH (for US Customers only), and Bitcoin. Also, it doesn't take more than a day for your funds to reflect in your account. 


That's about Rofx bot and the fascinating services it offers. Without any bias, we can say that this is one of the best bots we have ever come across in terms of cost and performance. This bot has been in the market for the past ten years, with more than 30,000 satisfied customers. That explains the credibility and reliability of Rofx in the market. Having reviewed hundreds of trading bots, Rofx is one of a kind and strongly recommended. 

We hope you had a good read and found this Rofx review informative. Stay tuned for more exciting content. All the best. 

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