RoFx Review - Exploring the Topnotch Expert Advisor

Mar 30, 2020 03:22 PM ET
RoFx Review - Exploring the Topnotch Expert Advisor

The financial market is ever-changing with new trends emerging now and then, all credit to advancement in technology and the internet. The greatest trademark in recent years are expert advisors which have enabled traders to get the most out of the financial market by helping them achieve higher and consistent profits with less effort and a short time frame. Two decades ago this was not possible.

Everyone knowledgeable of the financial market understands that making sustainable and consistent profits is not always possible with manual trading. Human beings are emotional and prone to errors; these are the two stumbling blocks when trading in the financial market. Even the most experienced traders are not invincible, though, largely because of the human factor. 

For novice traders to make profits in the market, they have to master all the key trading skills which is time-consuming and costly. Well, all these can be done away with when you seek the services of an Expert Advisor.

In this post, we will discuss RoFx in detail. This is one of a kind expert advisor company that has cemented its legacy as one of the best EA providers in the modern Forex market.

About RoFx

RoFx is an automated trading bot that was founded in 2009 by a team of professional traders and software developers. What makes this particular EA stand out among the stiff competition is the fact that the company utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.

Most if not all expert advisors have a set of automated trading codes. Given the dynamic nature of the market, these codes might become less effective and this is what sets aside RoFx from the rest. With RoFx, these codes keep changing to meet new trade demands and adapt to new trends. All credit to the RoFx bot's self-learning neural network.

RoFx’s greatest asset is its team of experts —  all of them work tirelessly to better the trading experience with the bot. Everyone in the team has many years of experience as either a software developer or a professional trader. The main goal of the team is to work cohesively to come up with new trading strategies and algorithms to update the bot to better the trading experience.

Capabilities of RoFx Expert Advisor

When you register with RoFx, you get to benefit from A-Z account management services with little to no effort on your part. The RoFx robot does everything for you, from scaling, entry, and exit. Literally, you can just sit back and enjoy profits as the company does end to end management. The least you can do is monitor the progress of your account through live P/L figures that are displayed on the user dashboard.

Navigation is easy for the users making the platform ideal for both new and experienced traders. RoFx is also an ideal platform for investors with little to no knowledge of the financial market but with the wish to generate passive income.

RoFx's Unique Selling Proposition   

In the current age and era, you can't believe just anything that you hear or read about. This applies to Expert Advisors as well. Most companies will market themselves as the best and promise huge profits only to disappoint in real-life scenarios. Is there a way you can single out such companies? Yes. Only an EA Company confident of their services would be willing to cover losses for all users.

Rofx EA


This is the case with RoFx. The company provides loss coverage to all the 50+ thousand users. How is this possible? They have a separate reserve fund to specifically cover losses.

Does RoFx accord with the law?

Legal authorities direct Rofx. The correspondence with renowned and lawful brokerage firms America, Asia, and Europe is the manifestation of its legitimateness. These brokers have the authorization to operate and are inspected by the legal officials regularly. Though RoFx operates as a software company and holds the right to provide solutions related to deep learning technology. Thus, RoFx does not require being directly regulated.

Performance Evaluation

RoFx has an amazing track record dating from 2010 and this can be accessed on the Myfxbook page on RoFx. For those of us not familiar with Myfxbook, this is an automated analytic platform where users can compare and analyze trading records of companies. Where does myfxbook get this data? Individual companies share their data on the platform. Companies that share their records on Myfxbook are considered more credible and reliable.

To evaluate the performance of the RoFx bot, we have shared a chart with the company's trading records. From these records, it is evident that the company has been making consistent profits since 2010. The 1352.58 percentage gain is quite impressive.

Rofx EA Myfxbook

Below is also a growth trajectory of the company which has never seen a downward trend since its establishment in 2009.

Rofx EA Myfxbook

It doesn’t require a trained eye to immediately figure out that the downward percentage records of RoFx are nearly impossible to beat. For June 2021, the downward percentage is a mere 0.02%. The chart below shows it all.

Rofx EA Myfxbook

RoFx has won over 300,000 traders in the past 10 years —  81% of them have made profits. The 19% of traders who lost is nothing to worry about since the company has a separate fund to cover losses. The chart below shows these commendable stats.

Rofx EA advanced statistics

Rofx EA advanced statistics

Things that differentiate Rofx form the other typical trading bots  

Comprehensive Trading Bot - Every activity from buying, selling, scaling, and money management is automated and done by the RoFx bot. As a user managing your account should be the least of your concerns. All you have to do is set up the RoFx bot with your trading machine with a stable internet connection and you're good to go. The bot will do the rest for you.

Cutting Edge Technology - By now we all know that EA companies operate on a set of automated trading instructions that are fed to the trading bot. RoFx makes use of artificial intelligence and machine learning via a self-learning neural network to constantly update their bot with new trading strategies and codes. This is to better the trading experience and maintain the efficacy of the bot.

Certainty - Traders registered with Rofx can predict the profits they can expect at a given time. Depending on the package chosen this can be 0.38% for daily profits and 8-10% monthly profits, guaranteed! The RoFx profit margin calculator comes in handy in calculating the exact profit to expect.

Rofx’s profit margin calculator

Well Curated Packages - RoFx has a total of 6 packages. The company designed the packages intending to cover the unique preferences of different users. See all the packages here.

Rofx EA Packages

The accounts we highlighted above are all Lock-in packages, where your deposit is locked for a certain period. The company also has No lock packages where you are free to withdraw your deposit anytime you want. What's different is the performance fee: No-lock packages have high-performance fees compared to Lock-in packages. In the picture below we have highlighted all the No-lock packages.

Rofx EA Packages

RoFx also offers VIP PAMM account services where users can create an account with any broker of their choice under their name. In this package, users have 100% control over their funds, with no lock-in periods meaning that you can withdraw just anytime you feel like it. Find more information about this package here.

Trading Costs - The minimum deposit for the basic package in RoFx is $1000. Holding everything constant this seems rather too high. However, if you put into consideration the quality of services offered and the fact that no withdrawal fee is charged, the $1000 minimum deposit is justified. 

Users can deposit and withdraw funds in EUR, USD, or BTC, with the  BTC prices for the company being the best in the financial market.

Ease of Use - The user interface and user experience of this EA company are not only simple but also straightforward. With most EA companies you are required to go through a lengthy procedure of downloading and installing software. Well, this is not the case with RoFx, everything happens online. This ease of use is what makes the platform beginner-friendly.

Wide range of deposit options - RoFx users have a variety of deposit options to fund their accounts. Users can choose from Visa/Mastercard, direct bank transfer, Bitcoin, and ACH (for US customers). Rest assured that your deposit will reflect in less than 24 hours.


There you have it on the one-of-a-kind RoFx bot and the services offered. With no shadow of a doubt, it is logical to conclude that the RoFx bot is one of the best trading bots in today's market. The consistent excellent performance for over 10 years is hard for any company to match and RoFx is proud to serve 50+ happy and satisfied clients. Their trading records on Myfxbook explain why the company is considered credible and reliable. Well, also not forgetting that they cover losses for all users. In a market flooded with EA companies, RoFx has cemented its legacy as the best expert advisory company. Without bias we highly recommend it.

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