TechBerry Review: The Most Profitable Social Trading Platform to Consider

Jan 14, 2018 10:55 AM ET
TechBerry Review: The Most Profitable Social Trading Platform to Consider

TechBerry is one of the biggest and the best social trading analytical platforms, doubling up as an automated trading system. Its ability to collect and analyze data from more than 100,000 Forex professionals affirms its edge as one of the best copy trading platforms for gaining an edge in Forex trading.

In addition, it leverages artificial intelligence technology to ensure users only end up copying the best trades with the best risk-reward. The prospect of members earning nearly 12% in additional income is another exciting feature.

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TechBerry background

TechBerry has been in business since 2015, it ranks high as a safe and reliable social automated trading platform.

The use of artificial intelligence technology allows TechBerry to analyze data from over 100K trading accounts. In return, it selects only the best opportunities and trades that can be implemented for desired returns.

The social automated trading platform is open to anyone looking to leverage AI-driven data to gain an edge in trading various Forex pairs.

TechBerry for novice traders

TechBerry trading is an ideal trading platform for novice traders looking to earn a profit while still learning the ropes of trading. Bogged by zero experience, one can still trade as the automated trading platform implements high-risk-reward trades on behalf of subscribers.

Becoming a member and buying a subscription is the only requirement to having TechBerry trade on your behalf. In addition, members stand to earn a share of the monthly profits generated by the automated trading system.

The risk of losing while relying on TechBerry to execute trades automatically is zero, given that members are insured against trading losses.

TechBerry Subscriptions

Subscription options

If still unsure about TechBerry, it is possible to use a free trial to test how effective it is in guaranteeing desired returns in the Forex market. It also comes with six subscription options that users can select based on capital, performance records access, insurance coverage fees, and profit share.

Key highlights:

  • Subscription costs from $19 to $499
  • Service fee deducted from profit only
  • Insurance protection can result in 100% trading loss reimbursement
  • Personal manager for every Gold member

TechBerry for professionals

TechBerry is also open to professional traders looking to earn some income. By simply downloading TechBerry expert advisor and installing it on the MT4 or MT5 platform, one can earn additional income.

The social automated trading platform will leverage the data in the account to develop a profitable automated strategy and, in return, reward the traders. You don’t need to deposit anything with TechBerry to increase your earnings.

Is TechBerry reliable or a scam?

TechBerry is a reputable social trading platform supported by more than 50 brokers. It is also regulated across the globe by some of the biggest regulatory bodies, including FCA, FSA, FINRA, CFTC, FSC, BaFIN, and CySEC.

The metaverse of trades

TechBerry has on its hands troves of data from reputable trading sources and professionals, giving rise to a metaverse of trading opportunities. In return, it leverages artificial intelligence technology to scan the metaverse of opportunities and come up with highly probable trades for higher returns.

TechBerry Forex trading results

TechBerry edge as a reliable social automated trading platform is affirmed by listing its trading results in some of the biggest Forex audit websites, including MyFxBook, FXAudit, and FXBlue.

Powered by TechBerry artificial intelligence

Integration of artificial intelligence allows TechBerry to scan huge troves of data and come up with some of the most robust trading strategies in real time. The technology enhances the detection of the most powerful chart patterns on different time frames, enhancing users' win rate.

Why TechBerry

TechBerry is a unique social automated trading platform for anyone looking to gain an edge in Forex trading. The use of artificial intelligence technology to scan thousands of trading opportunities makes it a preferred platform for novice and professional forex traders.


  • A reliable stream of income
  • Multiple subscription plans
  • Insurance against trading losses
  • Acceptance by more than 50 Forex brokers
  • 11.2% guaranteed monthly profit


  • Only supports MT4 and MT5 for data collection
  • High standards traders have to meet to upload their account data

Final thoughts

TechBerry is a state-of-the-art social automated trading platform for anyone looking to build a fortune in the Forex market. Access to over 100K Forex market specialists allows the platform to access some of the best trading opportunities, always sure to guarantee a high win ratio for clients.

In addition, it leverages artificial intelligence technology to go through troves of data, and uncover the best strategies, opportunities, and the best time to trade. At the ascent of Forex trading, TechBerry stays on top of the game and technological innovation.

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