The Skilled Trader EA Review

Jun 4, 2020 07:19 AM ET
The Skilled Trader EA Review

The Skilled trader is an automated Forex Trading System that is produced and marketed by the famous LeapFX group. The team behind this automated trading system has developed it with the aim of doubling or tripling the account balance of traders who use them, with very low risk attached. 

LeapFX advertises Skill Trader as a novice-friendly system which does not require any additional adjustments in settings. The LeapFx team is known for other successful trading platforms and EAs, such as Arbitron, Jet Trader Pro, News Action trader, Econ Power, etc. According to the team, this automated trading system focuses on 5 core aspects that help in delivering a memorable trading experience. The five aspects mentioned are as follows. 

  • No Broker sensitivities

  • Low Account risk

  • No Scalping Allowed

  • Software Updates are Automatic

  • A minimum deposit of $100

The product is available in three packages. The three-month membership package is priced at $247, the one-year membership package is priced at $497, while the lifetime membership package is available for $899. All of these packages include automatic updates, full customer support, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

The Skilled Trader EA


Fully-automated EA


3 Month Membership: $247
One Year Membership: $497
Lifetime Membership: $889



Compatible Platforms

MT4, MT5

Currency Pairs




Recommended Min. Deposit


Recommended Deposit





Trading Strategy Explanation

To understand the trading strategy employed by the Skilled trader, we have to take a look at three main principles that the platform is built on. Firstly, they believe in “big money” which means that they conduct the monitoring of large funds, banks, and countries to evaluate how these entities approach markets. Based on this information, they look for pullbacks and reversals.

The second principle is that the strategy is built around risk management and as a result, lot size is crucial. This allows the Skilled trader to adjust and adapt to any sudden change that occurs in the market and remain profitable. 

The third principle revolves around market adaptability. This requires that the automated traded platform understand the relevant news cycle and adjust to current market conditions. According to the team, it is necessary for a forex robot or automated trading system to adapt to current market conditions from preventing it from falling. 

Back-test Data Analysis

Almost all reliable EAs and other automated trading platforms post the results from numerous backtests to show their legitimacy. Back-tests can clear many doubts that prospective customers may have about the product which may confirm many of the aggressive sales tactics used by such EAs and other automated trading platforms. Unfortunately, in the Skilled Trader’s case, they do not provide any back-tests. 

Live Trading Data Analysis

The Skilled Trader provides us with live statistics from a third-party verified real money account. The account is hosted on myfxbook and uses the FXChoice brokerage. 

Trading Results

Myfxbook Account

Real(USD), FXChoice


October 16th, 2019
















The Skilled Trader EA Myfxbook

As seen in the screenshot above, this account is showing 110 % with a drawdown rate of 9.12 %. When comparing the risk-reward ratio for this forex robot, it seems that they have employed some sort of scalping strategy despite what they claim on their website. The Account has suffered very big losses but achieved some small wins. Losses of this magnitude can blow out a trader’s account and is often indicative of a scalping strategy. 

Review Summary

Pros and Cons

  • Free updates

  • Relatively steeply-priced

  • Very good customer support system

  • Provides little strategy insight

  • Money-back-guarantee

  • Suspected scalping strategy

  • Back-tests not Included


The Skilled Trader EA provides some much-needed features that are not readily available in many other EAs. However, the product suffers from some limitations, such as the suspected use of the scalping strategy, their inability to thoroughly explain their trading strategy, and the steep price of the product.

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