Trend Signal Review

Jul 22, 2021 07:32 AM ET
Trend Signal Review

Trend Signal focuses on providing Forex trading services including a comprehensive trading course, trading indicators, and strategies to traders. According to the vendor, these indicators and strategies offer key information regarding market trends which are vital in executing successful trading plans. Furthermore, customers can get the Complete Trading Package that incorporates indicators, strategies, interactive workshops, seminars and one-to-one coaching.

Trend Signal has scored well in terms of vendor transparency. The information on its official website indicates that Trend Signal Ltd was established in 2003, and is based in the UK. The company’s vision, mission statements, and a list of 18 professionals it works with including their names and profiles are also highlighted. The leaders behind this team include: 

  • Jerry Miller (Managing Director) 

  • Adrian Buthee (Director)

  • Zoran Vucenovic (Associate Director)

  • Sam Lewis (Associate Director)

Trend Signal - team

However, when it comes to the system presentation, the developers have done a bad job. They put too much focus on marketing Trend Signal. As a result, they have failed to indicate its price, trading strategy explanation, backtests, trading results, and details about the services they provide. The table below further demonstrates the company’s lack of transparency in certain areas:

Trend Signal


Forex trading course provider





Compatible Platforms


Currency Pairs




Recommended Min. Deposit


Recommended Deposit




Trading Strategy Explanation

Trend Signal mainly offers what it terms as a comprehensive trading course for traders in the Forex market. To sign up with the Trend Signal service, or order a product, you are required to fill out an order form. After that, one of the company’s representatives will contact you shortly and guide you further. 

The trading course offered by Trend Signal features the following:

  • Exclusive indicators and expert scanning tools

  • Proven strategies

  • Personal coaching and mentoring

  • Online interactive workshops

  • Structured members area where traders can access all course material, interactive tests, videos, calendars, and manuals

The vendor does not explain in detail the kind of strategy their system applies. They just say that it uses a sniper strategy. We are left to wonder the trading indicators it applies and follows or even if the strategy is effective. 

Backtest Data Analysis

Backtest data is unavailable. The developers have heaped their trading course with much praise but failed to include evidence to prove their claims. Traders are usually drawn to systems that integrate effective trading strategies. So, the lack of this data denies the trader the chance to assess the efficiency of the trading strategy and hence make an informed decision of whether to invest in the product or not. 

Live Trading Data Analysis

The developers do not provide trading results either. They acknowledge that performance is crucial and that is why they work tirelessly to help the trader attain optimal results. It would have been wiser for them to provide trading stats to back up these assertions. Without this data, we find it hard to know how the system performs in the live market, and subsequently trust them to make traders successful. 

Customer Reviews

Trend Signal has received much acclaim from customers on its official website. Nonetheless, this feedback is unreliable as it could be biased. Therefore, we searched for more reviews on the Forex Peace Army website and found several user testimonials. The system has received mixed reviews, but a majority of them are negative. Dissatisfied traders say that the system is not as effective as purported by the developers. It is a total waste of time and money. Therefore, other traders are advised to avoid the system like a plague. Screenshots of some of the reviews are provided below:

Trend Signal Customer Reviews

Trend Signal Customer Reviews

Trend Signal Customer Reviews

Review Summary


  • Vendor transparency is present


  • Unclear strategy

  • Backtest data and Live Trading results are not provided

  • Negative customer reviews

We do not recommend Trend Signal. The lack of a clear strategy makes it risky to invest in the system. The customer reviews provide us with a clear picture of what can happen to traders who decide to invest in the product. They can easily lose their money. Furthermore, the lack of backtest results and live trading stats makes us suspect the efficiency of the system. If it was as effective as the developers claim, they would have readily provided this data as proof. 

Rating: 3/10


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