Zero to Hero FX Signals Review

Dec 27, 2021 09:40 AM ET
Zero to Hero FX Signals Review

Zero to Hero FX Signals is a company that provides signals from its account. The presentation doesn’t look well-written and trustworthy because of the huge lack of explanations, details, and strategy features. 

Zero to Hero FX Signals




$95, $195, $295, and $395



Compatible Platforms


Currency Pairs




Recommended Min. Deposit


Recommended Deposit




Trade length


Trading strategy explanation

The presentation doesn’t include proper details about what we should expect from following this service. The devs avoided providing us with explanations that would help us to understand the service better. 

  • The devs claimed that their mission is “to help you reach your potential.”

  • They want to provide us with reliable and accurate signals. 

  • The devs have proper trading experience on the Forex market. 

  • There’s an “outstanding” test performance. 

  • It is highly recommended by all members. 

Zero to Hero FX Signals claims.

  • An average trade frequency is 4-10 deals daily. 

  • It focuses on reaching 300 pips monthly. 

  • The owners have over ten years of trading experience. 

  • The devs claimed that “Trading Forex can be a very rewarding activity which yields many benefits. But there are also significant risks, and as a home trader getting good results can be an uphill struggle.”

Backtest data analysis

These signals are delivered without proper testing. The presentation doesn’t include any sign of backtest reports. We don’t know if the system behind this service was tested properly. So, we have no intel about profitability, win rate, and other crucial info. 

Live trading data analysis

Trading Results

Myfxbook Account

Demo (USD)


June 12, 2019















Zero to Hero FX Signals screenshots.

The data behind this screenshot is fake. Available trading results don’t match that chart of consistent growth. The devs didn’t want to explain where the data for this diagram was picked from. 

Zero to Hero FX Signals trading results.

The system worked almost two years ago on a demo USD account. The profit has become $2,790.92. The last trade occurred on January 07, 2020. 

Zero to Hero FX Signals statistics.

The total return has become 93.0%. An average monthly return was 9.7%. It worked with high drawdowns, -29.3%. The win rate was impossibly low, 56.3%. The profit factor was 1.24 only. An average trade frequency was much less than mentioned ‒ 2.4 deals daily. 

Zero to Hero FX Signals risks.

The ROI was 1.50. The risk of ruining the whole account was 1.9%. An average trade length was 26.9 hours. An average regular was $5.57. An average win was $51.95 when an average loss was -$54.15. 

Zero to Hero FX Signals pairs.

USDJPY was the most traded pair with 265 orders and $1,493 of the profits. 

Zero to Hero FX Signals directions.

It worked with both directions equally. 

Zero to Hero FX Signals magic number.

The system traded orders with two magic numbers. The first one wasn’t profitable, -$120.26. 

Zero to Hero FX Signals weekly activities.

Friday was the most traded day with 124 orders executed. 

Zero to Hero FX Signals daily activities.

The system focused on trading Asians and European sessions. 

Zero to Hero FX Signals monthly activities.

It traded with various frequency and profitability in the previous years. 

The company

Pople testimonials.

The presentation includes various positive testimonials about how happy clients were with this service. We don’t know if they can be trusted. 


Zero to Hero FX Signals pricing.

We can subscribe for these signals for $95 monthly, $195 quarterly, $295 for half a year, and $395 annually. There’s no refund policy provided. The devs decided not to share information about package structure. It’s a huge con. 

Review summary



  • Trading results available 
  • No team revealed 
  • No risk advice given 
  • No strategy explanations provided 
  • No backtest reports shown
  • A trading account looks abandoned 
  • No real feedback provided
  • No refund policy available 

Zero to Hero FX Signals is a weird service that doesn’t look like an active one. The presentation and trading account look abandoned. We don’t know for sure if the devs provide signals and if they are profitable or not. 

Rating: 5/10


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