Zeus Review

Apr 14, 2022 07:23 AM ET
Zeus Review

Zeus is a Forex robot that guarantees 5%-15% monthly returns for users. The vendor says that the system makes a low drawdown of less than 20%, for the most part, and is hence suitable for risk-averse investors. The EA works with any account type and is characterized by flash-like speed, enabling it to monitor and perform trades on a large scale. 

Zeus is a product of Elite CurrenSea. This is an award-winning trading and education provider that was established in 2014. The founders are Nenad Kerkez (a Forex and CFD trader) and Chris Svorcik (a trader and analyst). The professionals also work with Mykyta Barabanov, who is responsible for business development, investing, and growth marketing. Currently, the company provides a variety of software and engages in industry commentary, marketing research, and events management. 



Fully automated EA


€699, €999, or €399


Proprietary trading

Compatible platforms


Currency pairs




Recommended min. deposit


Recommended deposit




Trading strategy explanation

The EA is based on the proprietary strategy. It only trades with the EURUSD currency pair mainly because the symbol provides preferable liquidity levels, volatility, and less global risk. So, trading risks are kept at a minimum. The devs say that they cannot reveal more info detailing the exact rules the system works with. This is unfortunate, considering that they want traders to invest in their tool. 

Backtest data analysis

The devs provide the backtest report for this EA, but they present it in Russian. See our assessment of the data below.

Backtest results.

The system started the trading exercise with a deposit of $10000. By the end of the 2018-2020 trading period, it had attained a profitability rate of 70.32% from 7442 implemented trades. The resulting profit amount ($4597.14) was much lower than the deposit, indicating that the robot failed to break even. Lucky enough, the EA traded with low risks to the balance, as illustrated by a small drawdown of 9.06%. The profit factor was 1.55. 

Live trading data analysis

Trading Results

Myfxbook account

Real (USD), Key to Markets


Sep 03, 2020















Live trading records on Myfxbook.

This account was launched in September 2020, and the EA last operated on it on March 7, 2022. On average, it made profits of 0.10% daily and 3.20% monthly. The drawdown, which is 53.32%, was huge. This greatly varies from the one generated during the simulation period. It appears that the system’s trading risks are very high in the real market. Unfortunately, the devs hide info on the profit, deposit, balance, etc. 

Performance of trades.

Thousands of trades (67,768) were implemented, but sadly, they made losses totaling up to -103769.1 pips. The long (68%) and short positions (69%) also performed poorly. There was an average trade length of 14h 6m and a profit factor of 1.31. 

Risk of ruin.

Surprisingly, the above account is safe from ruin. 

Monthly returns.

The EA made profits for the account both in January and February. However, it has made a loss of -10.9% in March so far. 

Trading history.

The EA worked with a grid of orders and succeeded in making profits from some orders. We may never know the number of lot sizes used since this info is missing.  

Customer reviews

We found a handful of mixed customer reviews for Zeus on FPA. There’s a trader who claims that the EA has been averaging 4-7% gains since he started using it. He, therefore, recommends it to people who want steady profits. However, another trader seems to be pissed off by the outcomes generated by the bot. He says that the system zeroed his account and cautions the community against using this vendor’s tools.  

Positive customer review on Forex Peace Army.

Negative user feedback on Forex Peace Army.

Review summary


  • Backtest results are provided

  • Vendor identity is disclosed

  • Live trading stats are present


  • The grid strategy is present

  • High drawdown

  • Negative user feedback

  • Expensive

The devs highlight their professional backgrounds and display data illustrating the EA’s performance in the past and present market. Unfortunately, the high drawdown generated on the real account proves that the grid strategy used is dangerous. In effect, there’s a trader who asserts that it can run an account down. 

Rating: 4/10

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