Advanced Supply Demand Review

Jul 22, 2021 06:59 AM ET
Advanced Supply Demand Review

Advanced Supply Demand 




$148, $85, $65


Support and Resistance

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Currency Pairs




Recommended Min. Deposit


Recommended Deposit




Trade length

It depends on the time frame

Advanced Supply Demand is a buy-sell indicator that was published on MQL5. The system has 177 reviews and 366 comments. So, people actively share their experiences about the system.

Trading Strategy Explanation

The presentation tries to answer all our possible questions:

  • The system is a semi-automatic trading solution. 

  • We can enjoy a 33% discount. 

  • The system fits new and experienced traders’ expectations. 

  • The last update allows us “not only be able to show a higher TF but to show both, the chart TF, PLUS the higher TF: SHOWING NESTED ZONES.”

  • The algorithm looks for imbalance levels between buyers and sellers. 

  • “It graphically shows the strongest supply and demand zones and how it performed in the past (showing old zones).”

  • It works with all symbols and time frames. 

  • There are two zone strength functions adjustable by user input.

  • There are three types of alerts: “1) enters the zone and/or 2) breaks the zone and/or 3) a reversal candle has formed from a zone. You can use a popup alert with sound on MetaTrader 4 and/or push and/or email.” 

  • There’s an extended list of settings. 

  • The developers provide a user manual for us. 

  • We can use templates in trading. 

  • We are allowed to optimize zone strength for our symbol and timeframe.

  • The developer is welcome to answer all our questions. 

Advanced Supply Demand Trading Strategy ExplanationAdvanced Supply Demand Trading Strategy ExplanationAdvanced Supply Demand Trading Strategy Explanation

We have some screenshots with explanations photoshopped over them. 

Backtest Data Analysis

The presentation doesn’t include any sign of backtest reports that would guide us. So, we don’t know if the system was tested well before being released. It’s a significant con because we don't know what results were achieved and what we should expect. 

Live Trading Data Analysis

The same we can say about verified trading results of Advanced Supply Demand. The developers didn’t trade using their software. As a result, we don’t know the details of robot execution. Usually, developers provide information about leverage, broker, win rate, total growth, drawdowns, currency pairs, average trade length, and so on. 

The Company

Advanced Supply Demand - The Company

Advanced Supply Demand trading results

There are thirteen products in the portfolio. Bernhard Schweigert is a developer from Morocco. His rate is 59,105. His products have a 4.8 rate based on 2234 reviews. He has over five years of experience on MQL5. 


Advanced Supply Demand Pricing

The main price is $148 for a digital lifetime copy. We may give it a try for $85 annually (68 saved) or a three-month subscription for $65. There’s a demo download option that allows us to check settings and other features for free. 

Review Summary



  • Affordable pricing
  • No risk advice given
  • The developer has a good personal rate 
  • No money management advice given 
  • No backtest reports or trading results provided 
  • No money-back-guarantee provided


Advanced Supply Demand is a trading indicator that informs us when it’s time to buy or sell and provides us with additional intel like SL and TP levels, entry point, and other details. Alas, the indicator isn’t featured by backtest reports and trading results. It’s a huge con that the developer doesn’t make money using it. As a result, we can not suggest you use it. 

Rating: 5/10


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