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Trading cryptocurrency is no doubt require for proper knowledge about crypto markets and fiat money. As for trading an average currency pair, crypto requires a brokerage company to work with and trading robots for beginners. The average crypto broker has thousands of trading pairs, and over 100+ crypto coins listed.

What Is Yield Farming in Cryptocurrencies
Cryptocurrency holders have the option of keeping their assets idle in a wallet or locking them in a smart contract to help with liquidity.
Dec 30, 2021 // Crypto Trading, Crypto, Cryptocurrency
Non-Fungible Tokens and Why They Are Soaring
NFTs are digital tokens, often traded in metaverses, that may be used to symbolize ownership of one-of-a-kind goods.
Dec 29, 2021 // Crypto Trading, NFTs, Non-Fungible Tokens
Wash Trading in the Financial Markets
Wash trading is a practice where traders make security transactions to make it seem like the trade has been executed, yet their portfolio has not changed.
Dec 27, 2021 // Crypto Trading
Best Metaverse Coins to Buy and Hold in 2022
The metaverse is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Indeed, many analysts believe that it is the future of how people interact with each other.
Dec 24, 2021 // Crypto Trading, Metaverse
Top 5 Hottest Sports NFTs
An NFT is a digital file that is created on a blockchain. A blockchain is a digital ledger on which you can prove ownership of a digital asset.
Dec 23, 2021 // Crypto Trading, NFT, NFTs
What Are Metaverse Coins and Why Are They So Hype?
The metaverse has become one of the most important themes in 2021.
Dec 21, 2021 // Crypto Trading, Metaverse, Metaverse Coins
When to Sell Crypto
2021 has seen cryptocurrencies outperform almost every other asset class, which has raised eyebrows among many investors the world over.
Dec 20, 2021 // Crypto Trading, Crypto
What Are Security Token Offerings (STOs)?
In 1946, the Supreme Court set a precedent as to what qualifies as a security.
Dec 14, 2021 // Crypto Trading, tokens, Token
Kraken vs. Binance – What You Get With Each
Kraken, a San Francisco-based bitcoin exchange, was founded in 2013 and is one of the world's leading crypto trading platforms.
Dec 2, 2021 // Crypto Trading, Binance, Kraken
What Are Bitcoin Price Gaps: Your Guide to Trading the Gap in the Cryptocurrency Market
A large jump in asset prices is a common occurrence in volatile markets.
Nov 30, 2021 // Crypto Trading, Bitcoin
An Account of Famous Hacks in Cryptoverse
When explaining the nature of blockchain technology, Bitcoin’s founder Satoshi Nakamoto implied it was impossible to hack.
Nov 29, 2021 // Crypto Trading, Crypto
What Is Ethereum 2.0 and Why It’s So Anticipated
For the Ethereum investors and enthusiasts, it seems the idea of Ethereum 2.0 has been brewing for a very long time.
Nov 22, 2021 // Crypto Trading, Ethereum
Centralized vs.Decentralized Exchanges
Cryptocurrency exchanges are online marketplaces that allow users to trade cryptocurrencies for other assets, such as digital and fiat currency.
Nov 17, 2021 // Crypto Trading
Litecoin vs. Ethereum: Better Buy?
Litecoin and Ethereum are two popular blockchain projects.
Nov 16, 2021 // Crypto Trading, Litecoin, Ethereum
Semiconductor Stocks Review: 4 Best Stocks to Invest in
The semiconductor industry is growing at a rapid pace as devices become more advanced.
Oct 27, 2021 // Crypto Trading, semiconductor, TSMC, AMD, NVDA, QCOM

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