Margin Grid Bot Review

May 4, 2022 04:36 PM ET
Margin Grid Bot Review

Margin Grid Bot is a Pionex-designed trading bot to work with a crypto market. From the name, it’s clear that the it was built around a Grid of orders strategy. “Margin” can mean that there’s a Martingale strategy on the board. 

What is Margin Grid Bot?

The system focuses on catching market moves and places several orders to close the whole Grid for a profit. 

How does Margin Grid Bot work?

The bot works completely automatically seeking Grid opportunities on the market. 

Who is the founder of Margin Grid Bot?

The Pionex exchange is a platform that has some free robots that have to help people to be involved in trading easily and without a need to pay for a robot. 

Margin Grid Bot features

Let’s take a closer look at described features, settings, and other details that we found in the presentation. 

  • The system can open and close orders for us completely automatically. No extra deeds are needed. 

  • The core strategy is based on placing orders to unite them in a Grid of orders.

  • It mortgages our currency to borrow another asset. 

  • It works with a fluctuation, uptrend, and downtrend market. 

  • The system places reasonable levels of Stop Losses and Take Profits.

  • The Margin grid mortgages our ETH to borrow USDT, and use USDT to run the grid to make money.

  • The robot won’t sell the ETH that we pledged. 

  • It can mix a trend with an arbitrage strategy. 

  • Mortgage ETH to borrow USDT, the market will rise to make a profit, that is buying long.

  • Mortgage USDT to borrow ETH, if the market falls to make a profit, that is selling short.

  • We have to register on the site to get started. 

  • It’s possible to customize the robot's parameters. 

  • There are upper price and lower price parameters to change. 

  • We can set intervals in the Grid between orders. 

  • There are leverage levels from 0.2X to 4X. 

  • The higher leverage–the bigger profits and deeper losses are. 

  • We can set how much the system can borrow for trading. 

  • There’s a current daily interest rate. 

  • It uses a forced liquidation price. 

  • We can set the trigger price for deals to be opened. 

  • We can customize SL and TP levels. 

  • There’s slippage control on the board. 

  • It’s possible to work with slippage that is acceptable for us. 

  • There’s arithmetic or geometric grid modes. 

Deposit requirements

There are no extra requirements for deposits. 

Margin Grid Bot fees

The system has no fees because it’s free to go. 

Withdrawal process with Margin Grid Bot

There’s no withdrawal process because we don’t have to deposit money to the system. 

How to start with Margin Grid Bot?

We have to registered on the site. Then, we have to customize settings and attach it to charts. 

Margin Grid Bot pricing

The system is a downlod-free trading solution. 

How beginner friendly is Margin Grid Bot?

Yes, it is. The bot can be used without prior trading experience. 

Is Margin Grid Bot safe and legit?

Yes, the system is safe because it was designed by an exchange. Anyway, it can be simply not profitable. 

Customer service

The developers provide us with welcome 24/7 support. 

Who is Margin Grid Bot best for?

The robot can be used by both experienced and beginner traders to make profits. 

Margin Grid Bot review: pros and cons



  • A robot was designed by an exchange 
  • No team revealed 
  • The system is free to go
  • No risk advice given 
  • No backtest reports provided 
  • No trading results available 
  • No people testimonials written 

Margin Grid Bot summary

Margin Grid Bot is a robot that works with Grid and Martingale strategies. The system should manage various trading conditions to keep our portfolio profitable. The presentation includes various features and settings explanations. So, we can expect that the robot will handle our account well. 

  • Features - 7/10
  • Ease of use - 6/10
  • Pricing - 10/10
  • Reputation - 8/10
  • Customer support - 6/10


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