Reverse GRID Bot Review

May 5, 2022 01:28 PM ET
Reverse GRID Bot Review

Reverse GRID Bot is a bot that belongs to Pionex portfolio. The presentation is short and not pretty informative because the system is download-free. So, it was a challenge for us to understand if the robot is good to go or not.

What is Reverse GRID Bot?

The system is an average Grid robot that works based on a Grid strategy when the market is going to turn around.

How does Reverse GRID Bot work?

The robot uses proper indicators to spot trading opportunities. When the market confirms the right direction of the movement, the system opens an order.

Who is the founder of Reverse GRID Bot?

The system was developed in June 2020. There’s a Pionex company behind it.

Reverse GRID Bot features

Let’s talk about details, features, and other information about the system.

  • We can expect a completely automatic trading experience.

  • It works with a feature that is focusing on increasing the number of tokens held by the bot and reduces the cost of holding the bot.

  • The strategy of reverse Grid runs based on a basic currency on every pair to calculate how much the bot can obtain closing all orders.

  • We can work with a reverse Grid, using the Pionex functionality. 

  • It builds a tunnel between upper and lower prices. This sounds like a price action strategy.

  • We should customize settings to reach the best possible result.

  • The system protects our orders with TP and SL levels.

  • It’s possible to customize a slippage level to work with.

  • It can create grids of orders in several ways. 

  • The robot works with ETH in the ETHUSDT cross pair. 

  • We can create our own bots based on this strategy.

  • It makes profits nominated in USDT and we can withdraw them then.

  • The system is designed to use USDT to buy all ETH when a deal reaches SL or TP levels. 

Deposit requirements

There are no deposit requirements mentioned. So, most likely, it has to be from $100 to $1000.

Reverse GRID Bot fees

We have no fees because the system is download-free.

Withdrawal process with Reverse GRID Bot

The system has no withdrawal option. We will withdraw our deposit and profits from the exchange account.

How to start with Reverse GRID Bot?

We have to register on the Pionex site. Then we should customize and download the system. 

Reverse GRID Bot pricing

The robo is a download-free trading solution. We can start using it without money.

How beginner friendly is Reverse GRID Bot?

The system was designed for beginners to be involved in crypto trading.

Is Reverse GRID Bot safe and legit?

Yes, it is because we will use it on the Pionex platform that designed the robot.

Customer service

The support can be delivered via Telegram, Discord, and Facebook.

Who is Reverse GRID Bot best for?

The system fits all levels of trading experience. We can be a professional or newbie trader.

Reverse GRID Bot review: pros and cons



  • A free system provided
  • No team revealed
  • Pionex is a developer and exchange at the same time
  • No risk advice given
  • No backtest reports provided
  • No trading results available
  • No feedback from clients shared

Reverse GRID Bot summary

Reverse GRID Bot is a trading solution for a crypto market that was designed by Pionex company. The system can manage a Grid strategy based on the ETHUSDT pair. The presentation includes various explanations but it lacks details about backtest reports and trading results. We don’t simply know if the system can keep our account profitable.

  • Features - 4/10
  • Ease of use - 7/10
  • Pricing - 10/10
  • Reputation - 4/10
  • Customer support - 3/10


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