DSC Price Action Review

Jul 21, 2021 03:26 PM ET
DSC Price Action Review

DSC Price Action


Expert advisor


$499 or $99 monthly


Grid, Hedge, and Martingale 

Compatible Platforms


Currency Pairs



is not revealed

Recommended Min. Deposit


Recommended Deposit



1:400 or higher

Trade length

Eight hours

DSC Price Action was introduced by a short that doesn’t inform us about all aspects of how the system functions. The release date is June 11, 2020. We’ve got a final version (1.7) published on June 8, 2021. So, the last update was not so far ago. It was bought five times and downloaded for demo purposes 771 times. 

Trading Strategy Explanation

We have almost no useful explanations about how the system works and what we have to expect:. 

  • We can expect that the system will work automatically for us. 

  • The last ten copies for $499 left. The next price will be $999. It’s an absolutely unfriendly offer for this trading solution. 

  • The system should be backtested by us correctly. We don’t know what exactly this means. 

  • The system runs based on a Price Action strategy. 

  • We may use a Hedge strategy as a support one. 

  • This combo is one of the riskiest to combine: Grid plus Hedge. 

  • The system is designed to work on a EURUSD cross pair. 

  • The only time frame to work with is M5. 

  • Our broker house has to allow using Hedge trading. 

  • IC Markets is one of them. 

  • The system executes orders with a high win rate. 

  • The system should be used with high leverage. So, it is probably 1:500 or higher. 

  • We have to type “diogo.cansi” in the settings. 

  • It sounds awkward because people may not know how to do this. 

  • We have several broker referral links. 

  • The promoted brokers allow hedging: XM and IC Markets. 

  • IC Markets is a good one. We trade through it. 

  • “To release the correct features of the Expert, open an affiliate account and contact us by email.”

  • We may expect to have support via email or WhatsApp. 

Backtest Data Analysis

DSC Price Action Backtest

The developer has provided us with a backtest on the M5 of the EURUSD currency pair. The leverage was set at 1:400. We’ve got almost the maximum history quality of 99.90%. An initial deposit was set at $250. It has become $112,442 of the total net profit. The profit factor was 6.89. It’s an okay number for a backtest. The system executed 189 orders with a 100% accuracy rate. We’re not sure it’s possible to repeat live trading. 

Live Trading Data Analysis

Trading Results

Myfxbook Account

Real (USD), XMGlobal


June 12, 2020















DSC Price Action trading results

The developer has several accounts where the system runs with different settings. This account was deposited at $500 and deployed on Alpari. The platform is MT5 where the system trades automatically. The maximum drawdown is completely unhealthy, 82.9%. The maximum deposit load is 197.2%. It’s so risky. The trading activities occur 20% of the time. The win rate is 81.7%. The signals still have three stars out of five possible. We can buy them for $30 monthly. The account is under management for 57 weeks. 

DSC Price Action trading results

The system has traded 159 days (39.75%). An average trade length is eight hours. There are only seven people subscribed for the signals. An average trade frequency is three deals a week. 

DSC Price Action trading results

In October 2020, the robot lost half of the account balance. 

DSC Price Action drawdown

We may note spikes of high-risk orders that were in drawdowns. 

DSC Price Action trading results

The robot uses not only Grid with Hedge but also Martingale. 

DSC Price Action trading results

The system has executed 312 deals. The best trade is $163.35  when the worst trade is -$155.76. The recovery factor is 2.89. Since our last visit, it has decreased six times. The profit factor is 1.81. An average profit is $9.80 when an average loss -$24.22.  

DSC Price Action distribution

The robot works in both directions equally, trading EURUSD. 

DSC Price Action. The advisor was warned many times because of the low trading activity.

The advisor was warned many times because of the low trading activity.

The Company

DSC Price Action developer

Diogo Sawitzki Cansi is a developer from Brazil who has a 3.3 rate on his products based on 44 reviews. His total rate is 15,628. There are 2093 friends on the list. 


The offer is overpriced. The developer asks $499 for a lifetime real account copy. Similar trading solutions cost $120-$350, not more. There’s a rental option that is in fact a monthly subscription for $99. The system is available for demo download. We may get it for executing backtest and checking settings. 

Review Summary



  • Real-account trading results
  • No settings details explained 
  • Strategies revealed
  • Martingale is hidden
  • Affordable rental option 
  • The robot works with huge drawdowns
  • Hedge with Grid and Martingale is on the worst strategy combo ever
  • High pricing


DSC Price Action works with EURUSD with a quite pleasant win rate on a real account. The system trades using Hedge, Martingale, and Grid strategies. We’ve seen many accounts for the last five years that were blown because of Hedge with Martingale losses. We may note that the system lost half of the account in October 2020. It’s how it usually goes, and a few systems can handle this. 

Rating: 3/10

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