Elite Tactics Review

Apr 27, 2021 02:27 PM ET
Elite Tactics Review

Elite Tactics was launched on 24th May 2020 by a trader from the Czech Republic called Radek Reznicek. It is a fully automated system that promises fast execution and better protection against losses. As per vendor claims, this robot successfully passed simulations and tests with 100% genuine tick data.

On the MQL5 page of Elite Tactics, we have been provided with a brief overview of what the system is about and what it offers. The main features have been highlighted, along with the vendor recommendations related to broker, risk setting, and the minimal deposit. We also have a video showing the development process for the robot, and a few screenshots of backtesting results.

Elite Tactics


Fully-automated EA





Compatible Platforms

MT4 and MT5

Currency Pairs




Recommended Min. Deposit


Recommended Deposit




Trading Strategy Explanation

This Forex EA analyzes the most vital levels in the market while trading with pending orders. It has advanced filters that protect user accounts from slippage and spread. Moreover, each trade is protected with a StopLoss.

This is a fully customizable Forex EA that does not use risky trading schemes like Arbitrage, Grid, and Martingale. Although it can be used for trading in many pairs and timeframes, the vendor recommends using it for the EUR/USD pair and the H1 timeframe. 

Elite Tactics has been verified on a real account and has passed high-quality strategy tests with variable speed and simulated delays. It is strongly recommended that you use this robot with a true ECN broker characterized by low spread, along with a VPS server. For a micro lot account, a minimum deposit of $100 is sufficient.

We don’t have any proper explanation of the trading strategy for this robot. By studying the technical details of a trading strategy, expert Forex traders can determine how successful it would be in the live market. Those traders who are particular about technical details might take this as a bad sign.

Backtest Data Analysis

Elite Tactics Backtest Data Analysis

Here we have the backtesting data conducted over a period of 1 year starting from January 2019 to May 2020. The test was conducted for the GBP/USD pair for the H1 timeframe with a modeling quality of 99.90%.

The initial deposit was $1000, and from this, a total net profit of $3004.23 was generated by Elite Tactics. Out of 111 trades, 106 were won by the system, and this represents profitability of 95.50%. During the backtest, the robot managed 18 average consecutive wins and only 1 consecutive loss. The profit factor of 4.23 was much higher than the average, while the relative drawdown was low at 12.38%.

Live Trading Data Analysis

The vendor has not shared the live trading results in any format on the official MQL5 page, and this is hugely disappointing. Seasoned Forex traders do not trust in a robot that does not share verified proof of its trading results. These results give them an idea about the system's profitability and reveal some important performance parameters like drawdown, profitability, profit factor, gain percentage, etc. 

In the absence of live trading results, we only have the backtesting data on which to base our assessment of the robot’s profitability. Since decent historical performance does not necessarily translate to live trading, we cannot say with confidence that Elite Tactics can win your profits at a steady rate.


Elite Tactics is available for a price of $245, which is pretty standard when it comes to Forex EAs. There are also a couple of rent options provided by the vendor. So you can rent the EA for 1 month at $99 and for 3 months at $145. There is a free demo version of the software available for download but no money-back guarantee is provided by the vendor.

Customer Reviews

Elite Tactics Customer Reviews

There are some customer reviews for Elite Tactics on the MQL5 page, but we cannot consider these to be authentic, because they are not verified by a third-party website. Since there are no reviews for this robot on popular review websites, we can assume that it doesn't have much of a reputation.

Review Summary


  • Backtesting data shared


  • Lack of strategy insight

  • No verified live trading results 

  • No refund policy


To summarize, Elite Tactics is not a Forex EA we can recommend to users. The vendor does not provide us with information about the trading strategy and does not even share the live trading results. Hence, we have little or no idea regarding the system's performance in the live market.

Rating: 4.6/10

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