Euronis Scalper Review

Sep 1, 2021 12:29 PM ET
Euronis Scalper Review

Euronis Scalper scalps the market without employing dangerous methods such as grid or martingale. The robot can use real or virtual stop loss levels to save a position from stop hunting by a broker. The best set file is already loaded, and traders do not have to load it again. The EA works best with ECN brokers that have a lower spread. Let us take an insight into the possible offerings by the robot.

Euronis Scalper Strategy


Fully-automated EA





Compatible Platforms

MetaTrader 5 and 4

Currency Pairs

Multiple currencies



Recommended Min. Deposit


Recommended Deposit




Trading strategy explanation

The developer states that the robot scalps the market without using a grid or martingale approach. It requires a low spread ECN broker to function correctly. It uses limit orders for the best entry and take profit to exit the market with the best execution and slippage. Using the history on Myfxbook, we can see that the EA trades during the close of the American trading session. There is no stop loss attached with trades, and position can close out as low as 30 pips in the negative. 

Trading history on Myfxbook.

How does the EA work?

Traders can install the robot in the following steps:

  • Purchase the system from the MQL 5 marketplace 

  • Login to the community on the MetaTrader platform

  • Refresh the experts' tab and place the robot on a single chart

  • Enable the auto trading tab


The robot has the following features:

  • It has multiple settings that traders can tweak accordingly

  • It works best with ECN brokers

  • It can work on both MT 4 and MT 5 brokers

  • It comes with a preloaded set file

Backtest data analysis

Backtesting results are available for unknown ten currency pairs. The duration of all the tests is six years, from 2015-2021. The developer presents backtesting results through images. There is no detailed statement available. For 10 pairs of Dukascopy, the robot had a maximum drawdown of 10.28% and turned an initial deposit of $10000 into $251556.48. It had a winning rate of 79.23% with a profit factor of 2.51. The average amount of profitable trades was $45.83, while the average amount of losing deals was -$69.65. There were a total of 11517 trades executed during this period.

Backtesting results.

Live trading data analysis

Verified trading records are available on Myfxbook that show performance from June 29, 2021, till the current date for X5. The system made an average monthly gain of 9.66%, with a drawdown of 5.02%. The winning rate stood at 72%, with a profit factor of 2.44. The best trade was $1.28, while the worst was -$2.32. There were a total of 114 executions. The developer made $100 in deposits and $0 in withdrawals. 

Breakthrough Strategy

Myfxbook Account

Real (USD), IC Markets


June 29, 2021















Customer testimonials

Only two customer reviews are available on the MQL 5 marketplace. Trader states that the robot currently performs well in the backtest only.

Customer review on MQL 5 community.

Review summary


  • Live records tracked via Myfxbook


  • There is not enough transparency in the strategy

  • It does not provide a detailed statement for backtesting records

  • Live records are for a short duration

Euronis Scalper takes its place amongst other robots that trade during the close of a session. The EA has records for a short duration which are not enough to verify its performance. We have to wait and see how the robot will handle tough market conditions to consider an investment. The drawdown value may increase in the future due to the implementation of risky strategies.

Rating: 5/10

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