Forex Trend Hunter Review

Apr 21, 2021 08:03 AM ET
Forex Trend Hunter Review

Whether you are a professional trader or are just starting in Forex, having an automated system is sure to help you a lot. With the automation feature, you can do away with the emotional quotient that often poses difficulties in trading. Forex Trend Hunter is one of the automated systems available now that claims to be designed for traders of all experience levels.  

The Metatrader 4 compatible system uses the trend-following approach to provide traders with long -term profitability. As per the vendor, traders using this system can make profits worth several hundred pips in a single trade. In this review, our experts provide you with all the information you will need to decide on whether the Forex robot is the right system to use.

Table 1 Forex Trend Hunter


Fully-automated EA





Compatible Platforms


Currency Pairs



One hour

Recommended Min. Deposit


Recommended Deposit



from 1:500

Trading Strategy Explanation

Forex Trend Hunter features

According to the information provided by the vendor, this system is unlike the scalping robots present in the market. It is a trend-following system aiming at giving maximum profits with its trading approach. There is no explanation of how the trend-following approach is done which makes it difficult for us to evaluate the effectiveness of the strategy. We would also like to have more information on the developer or the team behind it. With no info related to the location and other contact details, we find that this system lacks vendor transparency. 

As per the vendor, the features in the system include an inbuilt loss recovery system, integrated money and account management, easy installation, broker compatibility and protection, full customization, and lifetime support.

Backtest Data Analysis

Several backtests are provided by the vendor on the official site. Here is a screenshot of one of the strategy tests done on the EURUSD pair using the H1 timeframe.

Forex Trend Hunter Backtest Data Analysis

From the backtesting report shown above, the duration of the testing is over five years. But the modeling quality was only 90% which does not provide clear information on the spreads, commissions, slippage, and other important details as a 99.9% modeling quality would. For an initial deposit of $10000, a profit factor of 1.48 and a drawdown of 22.62% were recorded. 

Live Trading Data Analysis

Table 2 Trading Results

Myfxbook Account

Demo (USD), IC Markets


Feb 03, 2020















The vendor provides trading results verified by the myfxbook site. But the two trading results posted for the system do not have their track record verified by the site and are demo accounts only. A screenshot of one of the results is shown below:

Forex Trend Hunter Myfxbook

Forex Trend Hunter trading results

From the trading stats seen in the image above, we could see the total and absolute profits being at 45.41%. A daily gain of 0.08% and a monthly gain of 2.60% can be seen. The drawdown is 12.84% which is an acceptable percentage. For the trading account started in February 2020 and running up until now the number of trades executed is 46 with the average win coming at 34.70 pips and the average loss at 63 pips. A profit factor of 1.94 is recorded for the account with the lot sizes being of 0.05 size. 


Forex Trend Hunter Pricing

A one-time payment of $55 is the price charged for this Forex robot. The price includes one real and two demo accounts, lifetime updates, and 24/7 support. To ensure the system is reliable, the vendor provides a 60-day money-back guarantee. Considering the prices of other Forex robots using a similar trading approach, the price of Forex Trend Hunter seems very affordable. In addition to this, the refund policy also backs the claim of the vendor that the system is reliable. 

Review Summary

From our analysis of the system, we have compiled the main pros and cons found in it here:


  • Fully automated system

  • Verified trading results

  • Low drawdown

  • Money-back assurance

  • Affordable price


  • No real live account results

  • Trading privileges are not verified


Summing up our review of the Forex Trend Hunter system, the vendor provides verified trading results and backtests which indicate a system that shows appreciable performance potential. The low drawdown, good profit percentage, and profit factor all point to a low-risk trading approach. While there are some hitches like the vendor not providing live real account results and the trading privileges not being verified, the demo account stats are comparable with the backtests. With the money back guarantee and low price, the system can turn into a very reliable one if the minor shortcomings are addressed adequately by the vendor.

Rating: 6.4/10

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