Inertia Trader Review

Nov 10, 2020 01:12 PM ET
Inertia Trader Review

Minimal investment and high returns remain a big lure for traders of any ilk. Automated Forex trading systems go a step further assuring minimal hassle while you reap the high yields. Inertia Trader is one such automated system that claims to provide a huge return of over $500,000 with a minimal investment of just $200. Is this expert advisor as potent as it claims? Read our detailed Inertia Trader review and find out our recommendations regarding the use of this Forex Robot.

Inertia Trader


Fully-automated EA




Not disclosed

Compatible Platforms


Currency Pairs




Recommended Min. Deposit


Recommended Deposit



from 1:200

Trading Strategy Explanation

Evan Goldstein, the developer of the Inertia Trader Forex robot, assures that the system does not use high-risk strategies, such as Martingale, grid, etc. According to the website information, the expert advisor capitalizes on the important price movements. When the key movements are detected, the system confirms the direction of the movement and in the event of strong inertia, the system makes the move. 

With this type of system, the EA guarantees high rewards for the risk taken. Some of the features of this system include compliance with most Forex brokers, the presence of multiple filters accompanied by specific delays that avoid the spreads from spiking. Any unusual slippages in response to news events are also avoided by these measures. 

From the information provided on the official site, we could not find any other in-depth details on the strategy. We were a bit irked by the lengthy info provided on what factors to look for in a Forex system and how to choose the right one. Instead, we would have liked more info about how the developer guarantees huge profits and more verified results rather than the single verified account and backtest posted on the site.

Backtest Data Analysis

Inertia Trader Backtest Data Analysis

A single backtest of a span beginning from 2004 to 2016 is shown on the site. Traded on the EURUSD chart of 5 minutes time frame, the quality showed is 99.9%, which means that tick data was used. But, tick data dating before 2007 is a rarity and hence this strategy testing looks suspicious. 

Live Trading Data Analysis

Trading Results

Myfxbook Account

Real (USD), FXChoice


May 22, 2017















A live account verified by the Myfxbook site is shown on the official site. Unfortunately, clicking on the screenshot did not take us to the site. This shows the developer does not have any mentionable results to display. We, however, found a verified real account of Inertia Trader using the FX Choice broker and MT4 platform using the leverage of 1:200. The screenshot of the results is shown below:

Inertia Trader Myfxbook

From the gain of -87.01% revealed in the result, we could understand why the system does not have a verified real account displayed on the official site. A drawdown of 93.91%, a loss percentage of 0.16% daily, and a monthly loss of 5.24% show the system is not as effective as it guarantees. 

In fact, from the growth indicator chart, it is clear that the system has been on a downward spiral since February 2018 and it hasn’t stopped its decline yet. It is obvious that the strategy used does not work. The large lot size and stop loss positions may be a reason for the dismal performance.


Inertia Trader Forex robot purchase will cost you $347. A money-back guarantee of 60 days is provided for users who are not happy with the results of the software. The price is very expensive when compared to the average cost of competitor expert advisor software packages.

Review Summary


  • Does not use high-risk strategies

  • Money-back guarantee of 60 days


  • Performance shown in live trading results is not up to the mark

  • Price is expensive

  • Strategy used is unclear


When it comes to using automated trading software, users look for great performance, hassle-free use, and guaranteed high yield. From our review of the Inertia Trader expert advisor, it will be clear that the software does not meet any of the criteria.

To start with, the developer does not provide any in-depth information on the strategy used. The website is filled with lengthy and unnecessary information and fails to provide a verifiable real account link, although there is mention of the Myfxbook site and the performance. From our search, we could see that the backtest and the real account results are not satisfactory.

While the backtest looks like the results have been manipulated, the real account reveals poor performance, which is not anywhere near the numbers that the developer guarantees with the software. We believe these are sufficient reasons to not trust this automated trading software.

Rating: 3.6/10

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