Arya Review

Jun 1, 2021 08:55 AM ET
Arya Review

For traders who find the idea of algorithmic trading appealing, software like Arya may look attractive. Arya Pro from Arya trading claims to deliver a complete trading solution with its innovative algorithmic approach. Promoted as a trading assistant that can help secure your financial investments, this MT4 tool assures profits and saves time. As per the vendor, more than 70.2% of traders using the software make profits and many of them are new to trading.

Arya Pro


Fully-automated EA


€ 199- € 299/month


Algorithmic trading

Compatible Platforms


Currency Pairs




Recommended Min. Deposit


Recommended Deposit



From 1:100

Trading Strategy Explanation

As a Forex EA, Arya Pro is developed to protect user capital and control the emotional influence in trading. The FX robot employs several features to manage capital risk like limits of the daily loss amount, maximum limit on capital loss, exposure assessments, and more. This software uses a maximum number of automations, so the entire trading process is simplified with the user having very minimal tasks to perform to decide on the approach they want to use.

Arya Pro software

Important features include real-time market monitoring, protection of profits, and trade management with automated settings. Predefined parameters of the software ensure losses are minimal. According to the vendor the various settings used for the trading ensure burning or blowing of account does not occur. 

Arya price

While the vendor does not reveal the strategy used, there is mention of three execution modes namely market execution, limit order, and the ‘auto’ mode.  With the first mode, immediate order execution is done. With the second mode, you have to set the price level for entry and the third mode involves the use of the software to choose the entry based on the market stats and conditions.

Backtest Data Analysis

To understand the trading approach and know the success rate of an ATS, backtests are crucial. When it comes to proving the efficacy of its approach, this MT4 tool fails to provide strategy tester reports. While it is true that such tests should not be used as the main criterion for assessing a trading approach, they do help in revealing important info about the system. By failing to post backtests, we suspect the vendor is not reliable.

Live Trading Data Analysis 

Trading Results

Myfxbook Account

Real (EUR), XTB


May 03, 2019
















Here is a screenshot of the real account of this EA verified by the myfxbook site.

Arya myfxbook

This EUR account was run under  XTB brokerage and traded with  the leverage of 1:100. It showed a total profit of 29.93% while the absolute gain was 40.48%. The discrepancy in the two values indicates the approach used was not an effective one. A drawdown of 1.41% is present for this account started in May 2019 and closed in December 2020. The profit factor value was 1.31. 

Arya trading results

A look at the trading history reveals lot sizes varied from 0.07 up to 0.47. Such large and varying lot sizes also point to a high-risk approach. While the drawdown was low, the profit obtained was not much which is not what the vendor promised from using this EA. Furthermore, the closure of the account indicates its performance was not good during the 6 months of trading done.

Training and Community Reach

Arya community

The FX EA is part of the Fintech TechX group helmed by Guillaume Monges. As part of its comprehensive solution for traders, the company offers a training program that includes e-learning classes and guides on trading. The online community of the company on Facebook motivates users and encourages discussion among the users of this EA to ensure the best results for clients.

Review Summary



  • 100% automated software
  • The strategy used is not explained
  • Training and online community 
  • Trading results show poor performance
  • Price is expensive


Arya Pro is an MT4 tool that claims to provide optimized results with stable profits. Our analysis of the features, trading stats, and other aspects of the FX EA reveals that its claims are not true. To start with, the trading approach used is not divulged by the vendor. Transparency concerning the strategy and vendor is completely absent. We are not satisfied with the support options offered by an online contact form. 

While the vendor does not provide verified results on the site, we found several accounts on the myfxbook site for this EA but most of them show negligible profits and poor performance. From the account we examined we could see the bad performance has led to the closure of the account. With no backtests to compare with the real results and an expensive price tag, we feel this FX robot is not a trustworthy trading tool to consider.

Rating: 4.8/10

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