Big Poppa EA Review

Nov 16, 2021 09:59 AM ET
Big Poppa EA Review

Big Poppa EA is an automatic trading system that was released in 2021. We are informed that more than 300 licenses have been sold so far. Another claim is that the robot is lucrative as it is able to deliver 30-50% returns on a monthly basis. We take a closer look at the robot to ascertain if it can be trusted. 

The creators of this product describe themselves as a group of young traders who are in the business of automating strategies during their spare time. Some of the knowledge they possess is in the area of data analytics, development, and machine learning and genetic algorithms. Sadly, the identity of the team members is hidden. This lack of openness always raises doubt about the proficiencies of the professionals involved.

Big Poppa EA


Fully-automated EA




Fibonacci retracements, price action, money management, and martingale

Compatible Platforms


Currency pairs




Recommended Min. Deposit


Recommended Deposit




Trading strategy explanation

As aforementioned, Big Poppa EA uses a variety of strategies. We describe them below:

  • Fibonacci retracements

According to the vendor, the EA combines the Fibonacci Golden Zone and the probabilistic zones to capture the retracements and assess their extensibility. 

  • Price action

 This means that it makes trading decisions based on price movements. 

  • Money management

This entails securing the trader’s profit without putting it at risk. Some of the features that accomplish this include trailing stop, hedging, limiting the number of trades, and equity stop. 

  • Martingale method

At the fundamental level, this approach aims at increasing the size of every fixed losing trade. This process is continued during the progression of losing occurrences until a trade is won and hopefully recovers all the past losses. 

The martingale strategy is very dangerous. If you don’t have a large money supply that can help you get good results, you can suffer numerous losses that can bankrupt a whole account. You should also remember that the amount of money risked on the trade is far higher compared to the possible gain.

Backtest data analysis

We could not find any backtest data for the EA on its sales pitch. It seems that the team has not tested the efficiency of the above strategies. We cannot pass this chance to emphasize that backtesting is a key element of developing an efficient trading system. So, the resulting statistics can offer a lot of valuable feedback about this robot. They can give us insight into the system’s net profit, averages, drawdown, trading frequency, and annualized returns, etc.

Live trading data analysis

There is a screenshot that shows us the supposed performance of the EA on Myfxbook. Sadly, we searched for these results on the site but could not find them. It’s probable that the devs deleted the account after its stats deteriorated. Anyway, we have assessed the data on the image. 

Trading results

Myfxbook Account

Demo (USD), FXTM


July 26, 2021















Big Poppa EA’s live records.

As per the screenshot, the account was activated on July 26, 2021, and funded with $1000. The robot’s trading activities led to a profit of $274.23. Consequently, the account’s value rose by 27.45%. The monthly profit was 24.92%, whilst the drawdown was 12.46%. 

Customer reviews

Big Poppa EA lacks customer reviews. This is fishy, considering that we have been assured it has over 300 clients. The truth of the matter might be that the EA is still unpopular among traders. 

Review summary


  • Affordable pricing


  • Backtest results are missing

  • Vendor transparency is insufficient

  • Customer reviews are not available

  • Unreliable live results

Big Poppa EA’s is surrounded with secrecy, a characteristic that makes us suspect its reliability. The lack of backtest results and reliable live data means that the system might not be performing well, and the vendor does not want to risk the public finding this out. Since it appears that no customer has bought the product yet, chances are that it is unproductive. Otherwise, pages like FPA and Trustpilot would have reviews singing its praises. 

Rating: 2/10

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