Entry Points Pro Review

Jul 30, 2021 12:05 PM ET
Entry Points Pro Review

Entry Points Pro is a trend indicator that works on the MT4 platform. It claims to provide accurate signals for trade entries without any delays or redrawing. This indicator works on any financial asset besides Forex like cryptocurrencies, indices, stocks, and more. As per the developer, this system works best when the 15-minute timeframe is used.

Entry Points Pro







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Trading strategy explanation

List of key features of Entry Points Pro.

This indicator was developed by YuryOrlov and was published on the MQL5 site in January 2021. The system is in Version 8.0 now with the recent update being done in March 2021. From the MQL5 profile of the developer, we can see that he is from Spain and has more than 6 years of experience in the field. He has developed two products and 4594 demo versions. 

According to Orlov, the indicator helps in error-free trade execution as the algorithms used by the system will help identify the right entries and increase your success. He claims that the signal once confirmed does not disappear thus avoiding big financial losses as found in other systems that repaint.  The exit signals are for demo purposes and users have the option to close at any later time if the earning potential is more.  

Other features of the system include the display of previous earning potential and stats which will help traders identify more profit-making positions. Although the developer mentions the M15 timeframe as the optimal timeframe to use, he states that it can work in other timeframes too. Sound and visual alerts are present for the signals and filters are present to minimize the risk exposure.

Backtest data analysis

We could not find backtesting reports for this indicator, which is disappointing. The lack of a strategy tester report prevents us from gaining more insight into the working method of this indicator. Although backtests are based on historical data and cannot be used to predict future performance, traders prefer them to find more about the approach used and its efficacy.

Live trading data analysis

Trading Results

Myfxbook Account

Real (USD), Grand Capital


Feb 19, 2019















YuryOrlov provides a real USD trading account with trading privileges verified by the myfxbook site. The track record is not verified, however. Here are screenshots of the results.

Entry Points Pro growth chart.

Alt: Entry Points Pro growth chart.

Trading results info of Entry Points Pro.

From the above trading info, we can see that manual trading and leverage of 1:100 on the Metatrader 4 platform is used.  The trading stats reveal a total profit of 9314.12% and a similar value for the absolute profit. A daily profit of 0.51% and a monthly profit of 60.36% are present and the drawdown is 54.31%. 

For a deposit of $10,000, the trading started in February 2019 and ended in November 2019 reveals profitability of 81% for 272 trades. The profit factor is 11.69. We find the developer has hidden the info on the lots and lot sizes used which makes us suspicious of the approach used. Furthermore, the high drawdown is a definite indicator of a risky strategy.


Entry Points Pro Pricing

This trend-based system is priced at $125. A free demo option is provided. On purchasing the product, you have to message the developer via the Telegram app or through the MQL5 site to receive the instruction manual and a bonus. There is no mention of a money-back guarantee.

Customer reviews

We found 241 reviews for this product on the MQL5 site. Here are some of the recent feedbacks:

Negative customer feedback on FPA.

Negative user review for Entry Point Pro.

From the above reviews, it is clear that the product has resulted in big losses and does not provide prompt entries as assured by the developer.

Review summary



  • Works on diverse financial assets
  • No explanation of the strategy is provided
  • Price is affordable
  • Poor performance in trading results
  • No money-back guarantee


Entry Points Pro promises to provide 100% profitable trades. From our analysis of the system, its features, performance, and other properties we find that this is not a reliable indicator. To start with, the developer does not provide info on the trading approach used other than mentioning that it is a trend indicator. The absence of backtests is another downside that makes us suspect the reliability. Furthermore, the real account trading results reveal a high drawdown and hidden details that confirm that the strategy and performance are not effective as claimed by the developer. 

Rating: 5/10


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