Exynox Scalper Review

Jan 13, 2021 09:09 AM ET
Exynox Scalper Review


Exynox Scalper






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Recommended Deposit

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Exynox Scalper presentation


Today’s review will be about Exynox Scalper. The presentation tells us that it was a super-intelligent Forex tool with a unique key to successful trading. Let’s figure out if this is true.

Trading Strategy Explanation

Trading Strategy Explanation

We’ve seen this schema many times for several years. It seems like EA changes, but the illustration doesn’t. 

  • This is signal based software. So we have to trade these signals manually.

  • The system is based on unique trend-power detection.

  • It runs multiple trading styles.

  • The developers guarantee that signals won’t be repainted after providing.

  • We can work with all the major currency pairs.

  • The software has a beginner-friendly interface.

  • It doesn’t take much time to trade upcoming signals. 

  • The developers mentioned that the signals are highly profitable, but we couldn’t find any proof of this statement.

Exynox Scalper modes

  • The system works with three modes of aggressiveness: conservative, medium, and aggressive. The more aggressive mode, the more signals will appear. 

Exynox Scalper notifications

Exynox Scalper notifications

Exynox Scalper notifications

  • The software delivers signals via pop-up notifications in MT4, email, and Facebook Messenger.

  • It provides signals with info about a currency pair, direction, Entry Price, Stop Loss, and Take Profit.

  • We can expect to receive free updates and upgrades.

  • There’s welcome and knowledgeable support.

  • The system is designed for running on the MT4 platform only.

  • The minimum deposit can start from $100.

  • The optimal deposit can be higher than $250 for trading with a 0.01 Lot Size.

Backtest Data Analysis

The developers, as usual, don’t provide us with backtest reports. It’s a huge con because we won’t be able to know how the system experiences various market conditions in the past.

Live Trading Data Analysis

Trading Results

Myfxbook Account



















Exynox Scalper Live Trading Data Analysis

We’ve got many photoshopped screenshots like this. The developers tried to convince us that these gained pips were real. We don’t think so. If everything was for real, they’d never sell this software to someone.

Exynox Scalper Live Trading Data Analysis

As we can notice, there’s no information about the attached software in the top-right corner of the chart. It means these screenshots are fake.

The company

Exynox Scalper developer

It’s noticeable that we don’t know anything about the developers. We’ve seen this sign many times under scam products. He’s a developer that has never shared his profile among the Forex-related community. We’ve googled for info, but there’s no intel about the developer on MQL5, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.


Exynox Scalper Pricing

The Exynox Scalper Indicator costs $147. The original price was $395. The pack is featured with an effective trading algorithm, a step-by-step user guide, a 60-day money-back guarantee, a license for one real account, and 24/7 email support.

Review Summary



  • No team revealed
  • No settings explanations provided
  • No strategy details explained
  • No indicator list revealed
  • No backtest reports provided
  • No 3rd-party verified account trading results provided
  • There are many fake screenshots on the presentation
  • No real people feedback provided
  • The offer is overpriced three times


Karl Dittmann once again said much but showed nothing. The presentation lacks all the crucial info to make a wise decision about buying this software. We don’t know about a strategy, almost nothing, and symbols this strategy works with. The developer provided a win-rate but forgot to provide trading results that are the ground of this statement. The site doesn’t have trading results at all - neither backtests nor myfxbook-verified results. The price for a scalper is three times higher than the similar products have on MQL5 or on the web.

Rating: 3/10

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