FX Track Pro Review

Dec 2, 2020 05:40 AM ET
FX Track Pro Review


FX Track Pro


Fully-automated EA


$325 and $445


n/a (Swing? + Martingale)

Compatible Platforms

MT4 and MT5

Currency Pairs



n/a (H1)

Recommended Min. Deposit

n/a (from $1000)

Recommended Deposit

n/a (from $5000)


n/a (1:500)

Trade length

Two days


FX Track Pro

FX Track Pro presentation

FX Track Pro is introduced as “the most profitable Forex robot.” 

The main page of the presentation tells us that the EA is designed in 2020 and has two packages with a different number of symbols on the board. 

Let’s talk about the robot’s features:

  • There are two packages with different currency pairs.

  • The EA trades fully automatically. 

  • It can trade without huge margin requirements.

  • The robot works with EUR/USD, USD/CAD, GBP/USD, EUR/JPY, USD/JPY, and CHF/JPY.

  • The robot is designed for MT4 and MT5 platforms.

  • The system could close orders if market conditions changed.

  • There’s SL and TP level placing.

  • It can be run on any broker and account type.

  • There’s not so much to configure before attaching to the chart.

Trading Strategy Explanation

  • The EA uses three types of indicators.

  • It can use them together, apart, or use only several ones to find the best trading opportunities.

  • The devs didn’t want to provide any additional info neither about indicators nor strategies.

Backtest Data Analysis

FX Track Pro Backtest Data Analysis

It’s a USD/CAD high-risk backtest on the H1 time frame. The period was over three years. The modeling quality was 90.00% with low-spreads (3 pips). An initial deposit was $1000. The total net profit has become $10.7M. The Profit Factor was only 2.64. The maximum drawdown was 24.32%. There were 515 deals with a 64% win-rate for SELL and 75% for BUY directions traded.

Live Trading Data Analysis

Trading Results

Myfxbook Account

Real (USD), FXOpen


July 31, 2020
















FX Track Pro myfxbook

It’s a 6pairs real USD account on FXOpen with a verified track record. The robot trades automatically on MT4. The account was created on July 31, 2020, and funded at $5000. The absolute gain was +466.46%. An average monthly gain is high and equals +54.42%. The maximum drawdown was high as well (-29.43%).

FX Track Pro advanced statistics

The robot traded 265 deals with 1170 pips. An average win (46.84 pips) almost equals an average loss (-55.36 pips). The win-rate is 54% for Longs and 62% for Shorts. An average trade length is two days. The Profit Factor is 1.86.

FX Track Pro trading results

The robot has a good frequency on all pairs. The most-traded were GBP/USD (62 deals), USD/CAD (49 deals), and EUR/JPY (47 deals). The most profits were on EUR/USD ($4777), USD/CAD ($4463), and EUR/JPY ($4037).

FX Track Pro trading results

The EA trades mostly a European trading session.

FX Track Pro trading results

The robot trades all days equally, excluding Friday (38 deals).

FX Track Pro trading results

It trades with high risks to the account balance. For losing 10%, the EA has to lose 11 deals in a row (26% chance).

FX Track Pro trading results

As we can see, after a loss, the robot uses 4-times Martingale Lot Sizes to recover.

FX Track Pro monthly gain

The trading results varied depending on how good Martingale trades were closed.

The company

FX Track Pro about company

The company was registered several weeks ago, but trading results showed that the EA has been working since July 2020. Their design looks like a Forex Truck, Trader’s Moon, and Trader’s Sun, and many other EAs that are featured by Forex Store.


FX Track Pro PricingFX Track Pro Pricing

As we mentioned, there are two packages. The EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and USD/JPY one costs $325. The EUR/USD, USD/CAD, GBP/USD, EUR/JPY, USD/JPY, and CHF/JPY pack costs $445. Both packages are featured by a 30-day money-back guarantee, one license for an account, free changing of the license, MT4 and MT5 versions of the product, updates, and support.

Review Summary



  • Well-known “no-one-knows” EAs designer
  • Well-known “no-one-knows” EAs designer
  • Backtests are provided
  • No strategy explanations provided
  • Real account trading results provided
  • No settings explanations provided
  • The 30-day money-back guarantee provided
  • Martingale is on the board
  • No people feedback provided


FX Track Pro trades six currency pairs using many indicators to spot trading opportunities. The developers decided not to show a trading strategy. Trading results tell us that there’s an (x4) martingale on the board. It’s unprofessional from the devs side to hide this information from us. The presentation doesn’t answer many questions about the robot’s performance. We’d like you to keep watching the EA how it’ll recover after getting in a Martingale funnel.

Rating: 7/10

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