Happy Trend Review

Apr 30, 2021 09:09 PM ET
Happy Trend Review

A trading approach that newbie, as well as professional traders, prefer is the trend trading strategy. It capitalizes on the directional momentum of the market. This approach opens up several trading opportunities with a good risk to reward ratio. 

But you need to invest more time and also have the necessary skills for technical analysis. This is why a system like Happy Trend can help. This is a fully automated trading software from Happy Forex based on the trend strategy. It makes use of high volatility and news filter features for executing the trades. 

Our experts have evaluated this Forex robot analyzing some of the major features like its strategy, performance, price, and more in this review. Find what they recommend regarding trusting the expert advisor.

Table 1 Happy Trend


Fully-automated EA





Compatible Platforms


Currency Pairs

Multiple currency pairs



Recommended Min. Deposit


Recommended Deposit



Not disclosed

Trading Strategy Explanation

Happy Trend features

A high volatility market along with news filters play the main role in the working mechanism of this trend trading system. As per the vendor info, the Forex robot uses efficient money management, dynamic stop-loss, and take-profit positions and executes accurate market entries. This system is capable of trading on client accounts of any size with the MT4 platform. The vendor does not disclose any other information related to the system. We could not find info about the developer or the team behind the system either.

Features of the system include easy setup, ECN broker support, fully automated, and auto-quotes detection up to 5 digits. This system does not use grid, Martingale, or hedging strategies which are considered high-risk approaches.  You can use the standard, mini, or micro account for this system and start with a minimal deposit amount of $100.

Backtest Data Analysis

Several backtest reports are displayed on the official site. Here is a screenshot of one of the strategy tester reports done trading the EURUSD pair. 

Happy Trend Backtest Data Analysis

From the strategy report, we can see that the modeling quality was 99.9% which is required to know about the spread, slippage, commission, etc. The backtesting has been done for 12 months on the H1 timeframe. For an initial deposit of $1000, the net profit of $241.09 has been generated. The profit factor was 2.08. The maximal drawdown for the account was 6.48%.

Live Trading Data Analysis

Table 2 Trading Results

FXStat Account

Real (USD), Pepperstone


March 29, 2021






128 pips            









The vendor provides trading results verified by the FXStat site. Here is a screenshot of the trading stats.

Happy Trend trading results

Happy Trend trading results

From the trading results above, we can see that the account trading for nearly 4 weeks has earned 128 pips from a deposit of $1000. A daily profit of 0.10% and a monthly profit of 1.21% are shown. This real account uses the leverage of 1:500 and for a total of 58 executed trades, the profit factor is 1.69. The drawdown is 1.71% which is quite low and expected of a trend trading system.  

Compared to the backtesting results the drawdown and profit factor in the backtests show a higher value. This discrepancy is an expected one as backtests cannot always predict the future performance of a system. However, traders prefer backtesting as it helps to assess the effectiveness of the strategy and make the necessary optimization.


Happy Trend Pricing

The Happy Trend system is not available as a separate package. You need to purchase it along with 9 other EAs from the Happy Forex system. The entire package costs €299 for 10 EA with 2 licenses for real accounts and unlimited demo accounts. Other features that are part of the package include a user guide for installation, free updates, and upgrades. The vendor offers a money-back guarantee of 30 days. 

Review Summary



  • Fully Automated system
  • The strategy used is not explained clearly
  • Verified trading results
  • The software is not available separately
  • Low drawdown       


As we conclude this review of the Happy Trend system, our analysis of the various features of the system reveals that despite the low drawdown, the performance is not as claimed by the vendor. Both the backtest results and real account trading results corroborate our assessment.

While some traders prefer to purchase the package separately, the combined price for the 10 EAs looks affordable. Although the trend strategy used by the system is a low-risk strategy that many traders prefer, this system has several downsides.

The transparency concerning the developer information and the strategy used is lacking. We expect a better performance from a system based on the trend strategy. In short, we do not recommend this system. 

Rating: 5/10

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