Neural Bot Review

Jun 17, 2021 11:47 AM ET
Neural Bot Review

Neural Bot


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24 hours

Neural Bot is a robot that was designed by a developer from Poland - Piotr Stepien. The system was bought five times and downloaded 2363 times. The release day is March 26, 2021. The last update was on April 16, 2021.

Trading Strategy Explanation

The presentation is poor and lacks much useful information about the system, which is important for us to make a decision about purchasing a robot:

  • The advisor can execute orders completely automatically for a trader after being set up on a terminal. 

  • The terminal to trade is MT5. 

  • The system is a Neural Network and Machine Learning based trading solution. 

  • The robot doesn’t open trades quite frequently. 

  • We can work in any time frame we want. 

  • We have to start trading with at least $300 on balance. 

  • The settings files should be downloaded and implemented. It’s not cool. Many can’t do this. 

  • The leverage should be from 1:500 to not pressure the balance too much during drawdowns. 

  • It’s a EURUSD trading solution. 

  • We may use it on a PC or set on a VPS service. 

  • The robot works on the market during all sessions all day long. 

  • The advisor is a self updated trading solution. 

  • The system doesn’t have risky strategies on the board. 

  • All open orders are protected by SL and TP levels. 

Neural Bot leverage

  • We can calculate leverage based on risk for each deal. 

  • The suggested broker is IC Markets. 

  • The broker must support hedge accounts.

  • The system can be updated to work with other currency pairs. 

  • There’s a manual to do it right. 

Backtest Data Analysis

Neural Bot Backtest Data Analysis

We’ve got a screenshot of the backtest report with data and a chart for EURUSD. The period was one year. The history quality was 100%. An initial deposit was set at $300. The total net profit has amounted to  $2,215,481. The drawdown maximal was 19.70%. The Profit Factor was 31.64. The recovery factor was 7.00. The margin level was high - 1439%. The system has traded 1836 orders. The win rate for Shorts was 100.00%, when for Longs 99.56%.

Live Trading Data Analysis

Trading Results

MQL5 Account

Demo (USD), IC Markets


April 14, 2021















Neural Bot trading results

We have only a demo account on IC Markets. So, there’s no real trading. The developer is afraid of potential losses. The account was created 11 weeks ago. The absolute growth is 35.17%. The leverage was set at 1:500. From the chart, we know that the maximum drawdown is 16.2%, the maximum deposit load is 3.3%, trading activity time - 54.9%, win rate is 98.7%. The signals have medium reliability. 

Neural Bot trading results

The system trades 28.57% of the days. An average trade frequency is six deals weekly. An average trade length is one day.

Neural Bot trading results

The system doesn’t trade predictable from month to month. 

Neural Bot drawdown

The system experiences drawdown periods from time to time. 

Neural Bot trading results

The robot has closed 77 orders. The win rate was 98.70%. We don’t know why the developer decided not to trade on a live account. The best trade was $8.34 when the worst trade was -$0.05. The win streak is 76 orders. An average trade length is a day. The Recovery Factor is 325.18. The Profit Factor is 28.42. An average profit is $4.79 when an average loss is -$12.81. Algo Trading is used in 97% of cases. 

Neural Bot distribution

The robot trades both directions almost equally by a number of orders. 

Neural Bot warnings

We have had many warnings since the beginning. 

Vendor TransparencyNeural Bot. The developer has many trading solutions in the portfolio.

The developer has many trading solutions in the portfolio. Many products aren’t rated and cost $30. Neural Bot is almost the first attempt of the developer to be seriously profitable and useful to the community. 

Neural Bot The developer

The developer is from Poland, and he has a 5676 rate. His products have a 4.4 rate. We have over 50 products in his portfolio. There are two signals, but only one is available. 


Neural Bot costs $450 for a real-account license. There are no rental options provided. It’s weird because the developer doesn’t trade on the real account. We can download a copy of the system for free to check settings and do backtests. The vendor doesn’t support a refund policy for us. 

Review Summary



  • Backtest reports provided
  • No settings explanations provided 
  • Demo-account trading results provided
  • No money management advice given
  • High win rate trading
  • The developer avoids trading on the real account
  • The robot can experience significant drawdowns
  • The developer lacks experience in developing trading advisors
  • The offer runs out of rental options and a refund policy


Neural Bot is a trading advisor that executes orders with a high win rate on EURUSD. The system experiences high drawdown periods quite often. The robot has many cons. The most crucial is the fact that the developer doesn’t trade on the real account event having over a 90% success rate on the demo one. It’s suspicious. Probably, the developer knows something we don’t. The price is high, there’s no refund, and we have no rental options. 

Rating: 3/10

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