Punisher SCALPER EA Review

Oct 4, 2021 01:56 PM ET
Punisher SCALPER EA Review

Punisher SCALPER EA is a Forex expert advisor that was launched on 4th September 2021. The fact that this system has not spent too much time in the Forex market immediately makes it a risky investment. However, before arriving at a final verdict, we must look into the different aspects of the robot. 

There is no official website for Punisher SCALPER EA. You can buy the robot from the MQL5 marketplace. On the product page, the vendor has not properly explained how the EA works. We have a set of vendor recommendations and links for live trading signals. Also, there is a screenshot of the live trading account, along with a video showing us how the robot trades. However, it is difficult to make sense of the video, since there is no one explaining the trade setups. 



Fully-automated EA





Compatible Platforms


Currency Pairs




Recommended Min. Deposit


Recommended Deposit 




Trading strategy explanation

This is a fully automated expert advisor that uses a search and breakdown mechanism for local maxima. It uses a stop loss with every trade while avoiding strategies like martingale and grid. The vendor also mentions that every trade has in-built protection against slippages and large spreads. However, they haven’t elaborated on the features, which is not a sign of a reliable system.

You can use this EA to trade in pairs like XAU/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, and EUR/USD. The vendor recommends using it on M30 charts. They also recommend using it on a demo account before risking real money. 

This robot uses a scalping strategy that involves trading the small price differences between Forex pairs. Scalper bots typically place a large number of trades on a daily basis. It can be an extremely stressful strategy, especially for novice traders. This is why many experts advise against using such systems. 

Because of its high-frequency trading style, you need a VPS server to run this robot efficiently. As per vendor’s recommendation, you should sign up with an ECN broker providing zero spread. The minimum stop loss level should be zero pips. In the beginning, you need to deposit at least $100. 

Backtest data analysis

Backtesting results for XAU/USD.

This backtest was carried out from 2018 to 2021 using an every tick model. During the testing period, Punisher SCALPER EA conducted 870 trades, winning 64% of them and generating a total profit of $3,198,030.53. The daily and monthly gains were 0.91% and 31.32% respectively, while the drawdown was 27.28%. Looking at the high drawdown, we can tell the robot trades with high risk. Its profit factor for this backtest was 6.83.

Live trading data analysis 

Trading Results 

Myfxbook Account

Demo (USD), Tickmill


April 25, 2021















Growth chart of Punisher SCALPER EA.

This is a demo trading account on Myfxbook that has been active since April 25, 2021, which means it has a relatively short trading history. After placing 568 trades, its profitability currently stands at 42%. This is not at all impressive, since a reliable system should have a minimum win rate of 50%. As it loses more than it wins, we cannot consider it a profitable expert advisor. 

The account has daily and monthly gains of 3.73% and 198.63%, respectively. The drawdown is incredibly high at 53.29%, and this indicates a high risk of ruin. 

Trading results of Punisher SCALPER EA.

Looking at the recent trading history, we can see that the EA is prone to suffering consecutive losses. This confirms the fact that Punisher SCALPER EA is a system with low profitability following a risky trading strategy.

Vendor transparency

The creator of Punisher SCALPER EA is Hemza Barour, an Algerian developer. We could not find any information on this person other than the products they sell on MQL5. Their other two products are Desert Funk EA and Evil twin scalp EA.

User reviews

User review for Punisher SCALPER EA on MQL5.

There are customer reviews for this robot on third-party websites. The lack of authentic user reviews tells us that not many traders are using this system right now. There is a single review on MQL5, we cannot consider it genuine.

Review summary


  • Verified trading results 


  • High drawdown

  • No money-back guarantee

  • Low win rate

Punisher SCALPER EA is not a system that can win you profits consistently in the Forex market. It trades with high risk and has a low win rate. Also, there is a visible lack of vendor transparency which tells us this might be a scam service.

Rating: 3/10

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