Super EZ Forex Review

May 31, 2021 02:13 PM ET
Super EZ Forex Review

Trading the Forex market requires plenty of skill and perseverance. Many traders are unable to meet these requirements and fail to succeed as a result. Contrary to popular belief, Super EZ Forex claims that it can make Forex trading simple and profitable. The indicator is capable of working on different trading styles. With the guidance it provides this MT4 tool assures that traders can reap appreciable returns. Promoted by the Triple Arrow Trading company, this software is assured to be very useful for profitable trading strategies that ensure consistent monthly profits.

Super EZ Forex






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Trading Strategy Explanation

Super EZ Forex Trading Strategy Explanation

While there are no details related to the vendor, developer, or the team behind the indicator, we could find the website revealing some info related to the features and other aspects. This program is purely for the MT4 platform and works on all sessions. 

Important features of this program include a simple algorithmic process based on color matching and the capability to work on any time frame and currency pair. It is designed to work on metals, cryptocurrencies, indices, stocks, and cryptocurrencies.

Users can receive notifications via email or mobile. Other features include noise-cancelling filters which are indicated by smiley faces that can be customized. Hot zones form another feature that helps identify the buy/sell positions and also serves as an SL zone.

As per the vendor, the program uses all types of trading approaches including position, day, and swing trading. Due to the absence of explanation on the strategy, we are unable to assess the efficacy of this indicator. 

Backtest Data Analysis

Super EZ Forex. Does this system repaint

No backtests are provided by the vendor which is disappointing. However, the vendor mentions the indicator offering repainting or predictive features which also acts as a backtesting tool. The algorithmic system includes the Evidence dot feature. You can spot the relocation of the arrows with the dot. Without the dot and arrow features, you can also customize the program to make it work as a non-repaint process.

With backtests, traders will be able to analyze how the program is performing and evaluate its effectiveness. While the strategy tester reports are based on historical data, and cannot be used to predict future performance, the tests offer valuable input. The absence of backtests raises a red flag.

Live Trading Data Analysis

Super EZ Forex - Live Trading Data Analysis

A few trade examples are provided by the vendor. They reveal the spread, timeframe, pip value, and open positions. We prefer a verified track record from reputed sites like myfxbook as they reveal important trading information. Details like the drawdown, risk to reward ratio, profit percentage, and more can be obtained from the results. Without verification, it is not possible to consider an MT4 tool reliable.


Super EZ Forex - Pricing

A one-time cost of $299 + taxes is levied for this program. The cost includes the simplicity indicator, video tutorials, guides for price action and chart patterns, a journal for tracking trades, a news event list, and more. $149 is charged for buying additional license keys. Purchases can be made using bitcoin or regular payment methods. 

With an 8.25% tax levied for the membership fee, the total amount comes to $323.67. No refund is offered by the vendor which makes this indicator unreliable. The cost is very expensive compared to the prevailing price of competitor indicators. 

EZ Scanner

EZ Scanner

A simplicity scanner is provided by the vendor for the cost of $169. The dashboard displays all the currency pairs traded along with the time frame and buy/sell signals. A new indicator and strategy are given free with the purchase of the scanner.  The tutorial guide and trading system access are made available on purchase.

Review Summary


  • Multiple features and products


  • No strategy explanation present

  • Does not provide verified trading results

  • Price is expensive

  • No refund


For a system that is promoted as simple enough that even kids can trade, Super EZ Forex does not prove its effectiveness or reliability. The trading approach which is very important to identify the efficacy of the program is not divulged by the vendor. Furthermore, the indicator does not reveal a proven track record. The absence of verified results indicates the program is not an effective or reliable one. 

Concerning customer support, we could not find a location address or phone contact. The usual online contact form is also not present. While there are testimonials provided on the official site, there are no reviews on reputed sites like Forexpeacearmy, Trustpilot, etc. With so many factors working against the indicator, we do not find it an MT4 tool that traders can rely upon despite the claims of the vendor.

Rating: 5/10


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