The Fund Trader Review

May 27, 2021 10:45 AM ET
The Fund Trader Review

Similar to any other trading robot in the financial industry, The Fund Trader offers traders a considerable amount of return in a short period. Traders should not get convinced by the promises made by the system and should do a good amount of scrutiny before investing. Our review of the program will help you determine if The Fund Trader is the right choice for you.

The Fund Trader


Fully-automated EA




Grid and Martingale

Compatible Platforms


Currency Pairs




Recommended Min. Deposit

Works with small accounts

Recommended Deposit





The Fund Trader presentation

Trading Strategy Explanation

The website does not state which strategy the system uses. The developer Gordon Francis says that the expert advisor uses a day trading approach to hold trades for 4 to 24 hours. Hyperlink to Myfxbook does not work, but from the image of trading history, we can deduce that the EA works on gold and GBP/JPY, uses some martingale approach, and incorporates grid strategy. This goes against the statement on the website, i.e., the claim of trading 18 currency pairs and gold without utilizing grid or martingale.

The Fund Trader Trading Strategy Explanation

How it works

For setting up the robot, you have to place the ex4 file in the MetaTrader platform's experts' folder. Then, refresh the experts' tab, place the robot on the chart, and enable auto trade for it to work.


The robot comes with the following features:

  • The Fund Trader automated software.

  • Free updates and customer support.

  • Best recommendations on how to use the EA effectively.

  • Ability to work with small account sizes.

  • The system is beginner friendly.

Backtest Data Analysis

The provider does not show backtesting results for the robot. Without any of these, we can not deduce how the algorithm will work under different market conditions. Backtesting results give a highlight of the future performance. It is extremely poor for a service to demand so much cash and not provide any highlight into the robot.

Live Trading Data Analysis

Trading Results

Myfxbook Account

Demo (USD), IC Markets


May 12, 2021















As mentioned before, the hyperlinks on the website that would lead to the verified results on Myfxbook are not working. This indicates that the system might have received a margin call, so the developer removed the links. 

The Fund Trader Myfxbook
We searched online for any results on Myfxbook and found one. We can see the system has an average monthly gain of -26.93% and a drawdown of 33.62%. There are $5000 in deposits and $0 in withdrawals. It has a win rate of 50% with a profit factor of 0.26. With a total of 14 trades, the system traded 2.04 lots. The best trade was $141.09, while the worst was -$528.72.

It trades with sky-high risks to the account balance. There is a 99,99% chance of losing 10% of the account balance in case of only 1 consecutive losing trade. 

The Fund Trader trading results

Customer Reviews

The Fund Trader software is developed by LeapFx who has many other robots out there in the marketplace. They track their performance via Myfxbook and have general reviews available on the Forex Peace Army. Unfortunately, the comments from traders are not positive enough where they state that the services led to the complete liquidation of their portfolios. This matches the statement that we concluded about removing records on Myfxbook due to margin calls.

The Fund Trader Customer Reviews

Review Summary


  • Substantial return in a short period


  • The dev failed to provide trading results that could be verified

  • The system is not transparent

  • Poor reviews from traders

The practice of wiping trading records is not uncommon in the markets. The traders who promise huge returns usually do so at the risk of margin calls. In the case of The Fund Trader, the story is no different where the developer himself leads his account into complete liquidation. The other trading account we found on myfxbook showed a poor trading performance. It is under the risk of ruin.

Rating: 5/10

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