Agimat FX Pro EA Review

Jun 12, 2020 08:36 AM ET
Agimat FX Pro EA Review

Agimat FX Pro EAThe Agimat FX Pro EA is an expert advisor included as part of the Agimat trading system. It was first released in 2017 after a fairly big development period and a 2-month demo period. Agimat implements Artificial intelligence to learn from previous mistakes done in the market automatically after which the system upgrades itself. They have termed this as a “neural network” which works with over 5 Million data points. It has been created by Dennis Buchholz. 

The EA is priced at €287 and comes with two MT4 account installations, free updates and free forex signals via an automated trade copier. 

Agimat FX Pro EA


Fully-automated EA




Trend Reversal

Compatible Platforms

MT4, MT5

Currency Pairs




Recommended Min. Deposit


Recommended Deposit




Trading Strategy Explanation

The trading strategy implemented by Agimat FX Pro EA can be best described as Trend Reversal where traders have a smaller risk than the reward and a bigger chance to get a longer distance to the optimum target. The EA also implements a very efficient hedge feature that protects the trader’s account against any significant losses. 

The aforementioned Neural network helps the EA in controlling the EA hedge system. This reduces the number of losses experienced by the EA if it encounters something unexpected. It does not execute any buys and sells simultaneously. The hedging system is only activated when a dangerous situation is identified during a running order. It solves the situation by finding a workaround and minimises the losses and produces a win. This is the reason why some of the trades are opened by the EA for more than a single day. 

It is also mentioned in the website that the EA uses Dennis Buchholz’s powerful Maxwell’s Equation Future Prediction indicator while confirming trading access. This is even more evident when a trader uses the trading system manually. Thus, the Agimat FX pro-EA combines both the above-mentioned indicator and a sophisticated hedging system to produce favourable results. 

Back-test Data Analysis

Back-tests can reveal a lot about how a particular EA works, specifically how the trading strategy is implemented when applied to historical data. Almost all major EAs provide some sort of back-tests for potential buyers to check out. However, no back-test has been provided by Agimat for their EA. This can be considered a red flag by many potential buyers of this product. 

Live Trading Statistics Analysis

Almost all reliable EAs tend to produce live trading statistics of real trading accounts, usually hosted on authoritative, third party websites such as myfxbook or fxblue. Unfortunately, in Agimat EA’s case, they have provided none. Instead, multiple screenshots to an independently hosted live account are provided. Some screenshots are attached below. 

Agimat FX Pro EA Live Trading Statistics Analysis

As evident by the screenshot above, it is a live account with a balance of $6203.42 and an average drawdown level is 5%. While these statistics suggest that the trading strategy implemented is low-risk, there is virtually no way to verify such results. 

At a time when the market is filled with scams and frauds where screenshots like the above could be manipulated or faked to produce satisfactory numbers, potential buyers have become more aware of the pitfalls associated with choosing the wrong EA. 

Review Summary



  • Client feedback provided
  • No verifiable trading results
  • Strategy insights are incomplete and inadequate
  • No back-tests links provided


The Agimat FX Pro EA definitely has an interesting approach towards trading. However, it lacks verifiable results which can be a key factor when it comes to choosing this product over others. Also this product is priced a bit high, and there are several other EAs in the same price range which has proven results. 



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