Forex Steam Review

Nov 6, 2020 09:44 PM ET
Forex Steam Review

We’d like to introduce to you a ForexSteam robot. As FPA mentioned, Forex Steam and Forex Fury are sister companies.

The robot is introduced as the #1 Forex Robot of all times. 

Forex Steam


Fully-automated EA





Compatible Platforms


Currency Pairs



M5 (M30)

Recommended Min. Deposit


Recommended Deposit




Trade length



Forex Steam presentation

From the presentation, we know about its features:

  • There are 10-year backtests.

  • The client base is over 4000 traders.

  • The robot will receive free lifetime updates and upgrades.

  • The robot runs on 10k accounts.

Almost every statement we can’t chek, so they can be manipulations.

Forex Steam presentation

  • We’ll get four licenses right after purchasing.

  • There are features like filters, Trailing Stop Loss, Break Even, and others.

  • There’s advanced Retrace Technology that should increase profits and decrease. losses. The developers didn’t explain how they can reach these results and what we should expect from the system.

  • Advanced Holiday Filter lets us stop trading during and over holidays.

  • There’s also a common feature like Spread Filter that doesn’t allow for trades to be opened if Spreads are higher than we set.

  • The robot can be used on ECN-brokers.

It’s everything we know from the presentation.

Forex Steam presentation

From the FAQ, we found out that they didn’t want to introduce themself.

Forex Steam presentation

There were mentioned two versions of the EA, but the package only has one. Which one we don’t know.

Forex Steam presentation

Its trading frequency is several trades a day.

Forex Steam price

There is only one package that costs $117.99. It includes four licenses, various versions of the EA, free updates, and upgrades.

Trading Strategy Explanation

We couldn’t find out any information about Forex Steam’s strategies. The developers mentioned that timeframes could be M5 or M30. So, highly likely it’s a scalper.

Backtest Data Analysis

Forex Steam Backtest Data Analysis

We have some backtests. This one was performed with insane risks. No one trades with 0.33 Lot Size on a $1000 account. The average Lot Size for this balance should be 0.1. 

Forex Steam Backtest Data Analysis

The backtest shows if there were no margin calls because of the insane risks, after ten years, we’d be millionaires. The total gain amounted to $10,4M.

We were surprised that we didn’t even have a top of the backtest report where we could see other details. 

Fake Trading Data Analysis

Forex Steam Fake Trading Data Analysis

Instead of a link on myfxbook or fx blue-verified accounts, we have these pictures. This one “shows” how much profits the EA made every year. This diagram is unclickable. Everyone can draw the same in Word or Google Sheet.

Forex Steam Fake Trading Data Analysis

The same we have with win-rates by years. There’s random data that isn’t connected to reality. We can’t check if they’re correct.

Forex Steam trading results

These screenshots are the same “backtest” that we saw earlier. Likes are fake.

Live Trading Data Analysis

Trading Results

Myfxbook Account

Demo (USD), ThinkMarkets


Jan 19, 2015


200 Cents


161 Cents












Forex Steam Myfxbook

There are two accounts with the same result on myfxbook.

Forex Steam myfxbook

It was a real USC Cent account that was deposited on $2. This line for every person is enough to understand everything. The account was created on January 19, 2015. After half a year, it’s gone. An average monthly gain is -2.87%. The maximum drawdown was only 29.24%. It means that the EA blew the account slowly.

Forex Steam advanced statistics

The robot traded 131 deals with -391 pips. An average win was 16.62 pips (TP was probably 15 pips). An average loss was -154.63 pips (SL was ten times higher - 150 pips). The win-rate was great, 87%-89%. An average trade length is over 15 hours. The Profit Factor was 0.85.

Forex Steam trading results

The robot traded all days, focusing on American and Asian market openings.

Forex Steam trading results

Thursday was not a favorite day to trade.

Forex Steam trading results

The reason for blowing this account was insane SL levels and doubling Lot Size after each loss.

Review Summary



  • No pros
  • No strategy explanations provided
  • No settings explanations provided
  • No features explanations provided
  • No team revealed
  • Fake backtests
  • Horrible trading results
  • Default settings are bad-designed
  • No money-back guarantee
  • Fake people’s testimonials


It was a very weird robot. That could trade with up to 90% win-rate. So, people rely on a proper SL and TP placement, but the developers did everything for this robot to die. Changing default SL is just changing one line of code. Most likely, they decided to stop supporting the EA. That’s why it has neither updates nor upgrades, and the developers didn’t pull the second version of it on another real account. It was noticeable that devs spent only $2 to fund the account. It tells us much about the quality of the system they built.

Rating: 0/10


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