Night Hawk Review

Jan 9, 2021 06:31 AM ET
Night Hawk Review

You have probably heard about Davinci FX Group, which has already developed many expert advisors such as Sakura EA, Zodiaq EA, Trade Helper, and Breakeven Definer. This Forex group also offers indicators, scripts, signals, and managed accounts. Their main focus is expert advisors and one of their latest products is Night Hawk EA. They believe that with this expert advisor traders can ‘profit from market movements in the real interbank Forex market’. 

Their website presentation includes many Forex-oriented ads. The Night Hawk expert advisor presentation consists of a detailed product description, a video about the Night Hawk EA, a list of the main features of the robot, live trading results, backtesting results, and pricing details. We are going to analyze this robot and provide you with a detailed Night Hawk review for letting you know whether this Forex trading software is a good EA to be trusted. 



Fully-automated EA




Martingale and Grid

Compatible Platforms


Currency Pairs




Recommended Min. Deposit


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Trading Strategy Explanation

So, what are the key features of this MT4 tool? How does Night Hawk EA work?

  • It is a 100% automated trading tool

  • Designed to trade only on the MetaTrader 4 platform

  • The robot uses a classic Martingale trading strategy with many ‘improvements and benefits’

  • The robot also uses a Grid trading approach

  • A team of experienced programmers in MetaQuotes Language 4 wrote its trading algorithm

  • It got testing with 99% quality data

  • The EA opens positions by using candlestick patterns and many different indicators (Bollinger Band, Commodity Channel Index, etc.) 

  • It has customizable filters

  • It is compatible with all brokers and all share-dealing accounts (the developers recommend ECN)

  • The EA comes with a lifetime customer support

  • It has an inbuilt money management system, which automatically puts the required trading lot depending on your deposit

Night Hawk key benefits

This EA uses multiple different indicators (Bollinger Band, Commodity Channel Index, etc.) and candlestick patterns to find the best trading opportunities. The devs tell us that their robot also includes customizable filters to help with drawdown control, currency pairs, news, and maximum amount of transactions held open at one time:

Night Hawk benefits

Backtest Data Analysis

Night Hawk presentation comes with many backtesting results performed on different currency pairs. 

Night Hawk Backtest Data Analysis 

The developers also provide us with a detailed backtest analysis of the EUR / CHF currency pair  on their website:

Night Hawk backtest analysis 

It is a good sign for a developer. But let’s analyze another currency pair, e.g. the first one – AUDCAD. The backtesting results can easily be verified on myfxbook.

Night Hawk myfxbook 

As you may see, it was an AUDCAD trading account. The backtests were performed from January 11 2012 until April 16, 2020. For over 8 years of trading, the robot has obtained a gain of 408, 27% with a daily gain of 0. 05% and a monthly gain of 1, 63%. The peak drawdown was 28, 34%. There were 3K dollars deposited on this trading account. The total net profit equaled $12,260.23. 

It closed 1992 trades and 17078 pips. The average trade length was 2 days. The average win ($18, 98) was lower than the average loss (-$26. 63). The win-rate was between 72% and 71%. Its profit factor was 1,82.

Night Hawk advanced statistics 

The robot opened most of the trades between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m:

Night Hawk trading results 

It traded every day from Monday to Friday:

Night Hawk trading results 

The robot traded with minimum trading risks:

Night Hawk trading results 

Live Trading Data Analysis

Davinci FX robot comes with 2 live trading accounts on

Night Hawk Live Trading Data Analysis 

One trading account was launched on myfxbook in December 2018, while the other one was added in May 2019. We’ve decided to analyze the trading account which has more data to analyze to compare its previous trading results with the present ones.

Night Hawk myfxbook 

It's a real USD account that trades with IC Markets brokerage on the MT4 platform. The EA trades unknown leverage. It is tracked by 27 traders. The account was created and added on myfxbook on December 20, 2018, and funded at $999. Its total gain equals 209, 95% with an average monthly gain of 4, 72%. Its peak drawdown was high and equaled 41, 35%. As you may see on the screenshot below, there were unpredictable ups and downs in terms of drawdown performance ranged between 4%-24%:

Night Hawk drawdown  

These vicissitudes are not good for trading, as they are very risky and can lead to the high risk of ruin of any trading account. It seems that the system has not any built-in mechanisms to cope with this problem.

The robot has traded 1524 trades and 8376. 4 pips. The average loss (-$6. 77) is twice higher than the average win ($3, 81). An average win in pips is 24.511, while an average loss is -51.93 pips. The win rate for both Longs and Shorts is between 75%. The profit factor is 1, 74.  

Night Hawk advanced statistics

The robot trades 9 currency pairs. The best trading results are achieved with AUDCAD ($521), the worst ones with AUDNZD (-$18, 15).

Night Hawk trading results 

The robot trades 24/5 with the highest trading activity between 8 p.m and 5 a.m:

Night Hawk trading resultsNight Hawk trading results 

The robot used Martingale and Grid for trading. It has closed many deals after reaching TPs.

Night Hawk trading results 

Because 2021 has just started we will analyze the trading results of 2020:

Night Hawk monthly gain 

The robot trading results ranged between 2%-10,16%. In 2020 it had 2 losing months: in February -5,28% and in September -0,12%.  

Trading Results

Myfxbook Account

Real (USD), IC Markets


Dec 20, 2018
















Night Hawk comes for $275 and can be purchased via PayPal, WebMoney, Skrill, Neteller, Visa, and other payment methods. Unfortunately, there is no word mentioned about the money-back guarantee. 

Night Hawk Price

Review Summary


  • Backtests provided 

  • Live trading results provided 

  • Detailed trading strategy


  • The robot uses Grid and Martingale

  • High drawdown

  • Absence of a money-back guarantee

Conclusion & Rating

Wrapping up our review, this Forex expert advisor is not a good choice for traders. Firstly, it uses Grid and Martingale that are too risky for trading. Secondly, Night Hawk trading results showed that the robot trades with high drawdowns. Using Grid and Martingale on the expert advisors with a 75% win-rate is madness. Moreover, the developer failed to provide a money-back guarantee. 

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