Ninja Scalper Review

Nov 24, 2020 04:43 PM ET
Ninja Scalper Review

Today in this Ninja Scalper review, we will be talking about Forex EA, promising to provide an unforgettable trading experience because of ‘over 300 satisfied customers’ and ‘more than 20 years of real results in proven tests’.

Oddly, but the developer of this trading tool is not introduced on the ninjascalper website. Moreover, the MQL5 page, which contains author information, is not available too. Their website presentation contains Ninja Scalper's description, its key features, pricing info, small navigation panel, and Ninja Scalper chart. On their “About’ page, where instead of author bio we see plenty of reasons why we have to invest our money in Ninja Scalper. The “About’ page includes trading strategy details and some info about their backtesting results. However, when users click on this button, they expect to see some info about the developers, their team or know something about their trading experience in the Forex marketplace. In the case of Ninja Scalper, none of the above-listed points is mentioned on their website. It is disappointing.

Ninja Scalper


Forex EA



$100/rent for 6 months

$50/rent for 3 months

$30/rent for 30 days


Trend Trading and Hedging

Compatible Platforms


Currency Pairs




Recommended Min. Deposit

$30 (for cent account)

Recommended Deposit




To get in touch with the Ninja Scalper team, traders can email [email protected] or call +55 31 9827-2704.

Ninja Scalper location

Trading Strategy Explanation

This EA was developed to work only with EUR/USD symbols on the M5 timeframe while evaluating the market trend in other time frames ‘to determine the best points of entry and exit on the market’.

Ninja Scalper team has a specific page dedicated to the full description of their trading approach and methodology. It is a good sign, as it gives us the necessary insight into what the devs of this trading system want to accomplish.

Ninja Scalper Trading Strategy Explanation

As you may see on the screenshot above, the EA’s trading strategy is based on the MACD indicator along with other trend indicators to define the best Entry and Exit points to automate our profits. The developers are talking about their 20 years backtests. They add that these input parameters were studied with statistical analysis in 1999-2019 for the EUR/USD symbols in the M5 timeframe. Thus, the EA can only be used in the 5 min time frame.

On the Ninja Scalper website you may see a gif showing how  the system  strategy is working (for both main and secondary strategies):

Ninja Scalper Trading Strategy ExplanationNinja Scalper Trading Strategy Explanation

The devs add that:

Ninja Scalper Trading Strategy Explanation

What are the other features of Ninja Scalper?

  • Risk management

  • Lot management

  • Swap recovery

  • Flexibility

  • FIFO rules compatibility

  • Recommended leverage is 1:300

  • The recommended min. deposit is $50

  • Recommended to use is ECN broker on a VPS Server

Ninja Scalper features

Backtest Data Analysis

Ninja Scalper Backtest Data Analysis

Unfortunately, we cannot analyze their 20 years lasting backtests, as they’ve only provided gif images on their website. However, if we take a look at them. We’ll see astable and rapid profit growth on each gif provided by the vendor:

 Ninja Scalper Backtest Data AnalysisNinja Scalper Backtest Data AnalysisNinja Scalper Backtest Data Analysis

Well. Let's look at the real trading results. Hope we will have something to analyze there.

Live Trading Data Analysis

The Ninja Scalper team provides a single Demo account, which is working on the MT4 platform with Tickmill brokerage and is trading with a 1:400 leverage.

Ninja Scalper Myfxbook

This account was added on March 10, 2020, and since that time it has obtained a +28, 91% gain with 3, 05% of the monthly gain and an incredibly high drawdown, which equals 50, 41%.

For over 8 months of trading, the EA has placed 391 trades with 769.1 pips. The average trade length is 10 hours and 40 minutes. Its risk-reward ratio is a bit better than 1:1 with an average win coming in at 12, 57 pips and an average loss coming in at -10, 85 pips. Its profit factor is 1, 68. Its win rate for longs won is mostly the same as it is for Shorts won: 57% vs 52%.

Ninja Scalper advanced statistics

What we do not like in the trading results of this EA is that its balance and profit charts are hidden. We cannot see how much the developers deposited and how much they’ve earned.

Ninja Scalper trading results

However, we can say for sure, the trading strategy this EA is trading with is highly risky. We are concerned with the slow gain of this EA and with an incredibly high drawdown.

Ninja Scalper trading results

As you may see on the screenshot below, the drawdown performance of this EA has rapidly grown in less than 2 days. On October 28 it was 9,8%, while in two days it grew up to 48, 64%:

Ninja Scalper drawdown

It seems that at the end of October – the beginning of November, the software struggled with the US election volatility. That may be the #1 reason why the account has reached a drawdown of 50%. The drawdown we see is very high and it means that the robot uses very dangerous trading strategies.

Trading Results

Myfxbook Account

Demo (EUR), Tickmill


Mar 10, 2020
















This EA is available for rent or may be purchased with a lifetime license:

Ninja Scalper Price

Those who are interested in Ninja Scalper purchase need to pay $149. The package includes unlimited updates, support, telegram group access, max use on 10 simultaneous computers, and lifetime membership. The next three packages are available for rent and come for $100/per 6 months, $50/3 months, and $30/1 month.

Review Summary


  • Price

  • The software is available for rent


  • High drawdown

  • Lack of trading strategy insight

  • Lack of vendor confidence in terms of trading results

  • Hidden trading activity data

  • Backtesting results cannot be verified

Conclusion & Rating

Although the EA looks promising and we appreciate that the developers have conducted 20 years of backtesting, we could not find any reason to recommend this robot. The vendor lacks confidence and transparency. Firstly, we could not check the backtesting results. Secondly, the vendor lacks confidence in his trading strategy hence the reason he is using a demo account. We are also concerned with high drawdown performance and although we may assume that the election volatility was only a blip, it is a significant concern.

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